The Best Webinar Vendors Shouldn’t be Too Hard to Find

With a topic and goal in mind, you decide to plan a webinar. How should you go about selecting the best webinar vendors to host? There are quite a few things in keep in mind when looking for the ideal vendor. Firstly, how about lining up presenters? Secondly, what about visuals (PowerPoint, excel, graphs?), different […]


What to Look for When Researching Webinar Software Vendors

So you have an awesome online presentation ready to go. Not the hard part, which webinar software vendor should you chose from? Not all webinar software vendors are created equally. Along with different costs, the technology era has developed a slue of new and improved web conferencing methods. How Do I Choose Webinar Software Vendors? […]


What’s the Best Webinar Software for Your Company?

What features are you looking for in your webinar software? Do you want software that allows you to present polls and surveys, webcam support, recording capabilities and note-taking support? Perhaps you host webinars for small groups, or maybe groups of 1,000 or more, which is something to consider as you compare the best webinar software. […]


Free Webinar Software: Which Ones Are Truly Free?

If you search for free webinar software, you’ll probably only find free trial offers rather than completely free services. In addition, some free web conferencing services don’t include free webinar services as well, just an account to hold online meetings which doesn’t include webinar tools such as reporting and recording. Yugma, for example, does offer […]


The Best Webinar Tools and How They Make Your Webinar Better

The best webinar tools offer you the ability to connect both your prospects and customers at the highest level. Webinars are beneficial because they combine the top resources, download and soft sell approaches to get you in the game. Verizon Small Business Web Conferencing, Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro, Microsoft Office Live Meeting, GoToWebinar and Cisco […]


Are Free Webinar Services Actually a Better Deal?

If you have the choice to either pay for a service or get it for free, common sense would have you keep your money in your wallet. But often consumers fear the phrase, “you get what you pay for.” At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be many differences between free webinar services and paid […]


Compare Webinar Software for the Best Online Presentation Possible

Webinar features are available in more than 31 flavors, from completely free to completely out of your price range. So as you compare webinar software, how do you decide which product is right for you and which will enable you to give your best possible online presentation? To compare webinar software and find the best web […]


WebEx vs. GoToMeeting for All the Marbles: Web Conferencing Software Reviews

In the world of web conferencing, two names have risen to the top. WebEx and GoToMeeting have proven themselves to be the most user friendly and cost effective ways to do web conferencing. Other companies have more features, other companies provide the services for cheaper, and others might even be easier to use. However, when […]


Comparing the Top 7 Best Web Conferencing Software

The best web conferencing software uses browsers, servers, specific software and other equipment to connect home based workers with businesses. This has been a huge improvement over old face to face methods. There is a wide variety of providers to choose from when looking into the software, and oftentimes users should look at some of […]


10 Tips to Finding the Top Web Conferencing Software

When searching for the best web conferencing software you want to make sure you know what you are getting. You want to make sure you choose software that closely matches your wish list and budget. A great deal of research may be needed before you find the perfect solution for your company; hopefully these ten […]