WebEx vs. GoToMeeting for All the Marbles: Web Conferencing Software Reviews

In the world of web conferencing, two names have risen to the top. WebEx and GoToMeeting have proven themselves to be the most user friendly and cost effective ways to do web conferencing. Other companies have more features, other companies provide the services for cheaper, and others might even be easier to use. However, when taking all the options into account, most companies that do web conferencing software reviews end up going with WebEx or GoToMeeting.

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Web Conferencing Software Reviews: WebEx

WebEx is incredibly flexible. It has the capability to handle a one-on-one conference between two people in the same family, all the way up to a huge webinar with as many as 5,000 participants. You can have a monthly program that allows for unlimited webinars, or just pay for one-at-a-time usage of the software. Another important part of web conferencing software reviews is the security and performance. A fear of going online to do a meeting is that anyone can hack in and see your private information.

However, with WebEx, you can be certain that your information is safe. Password protection and other security options make sure of that. It also has extremely high levels of performance. It is almost unheard of for a WebEx conference to go down, and that is obviously not an accident. They work very hard to ensure that outcome. Finally, they make it so easy to use. With no hardware to install, and all software used in a cloud environment, and automatic upgrades, there is literally nothing you need to worry about outside of your presentation. It also can work on any platform, so you do not need compatible computers to have a web conference with WebEx.

Web Conferencing Software Reviews: GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting does not do quite as well with web conferencing software reviews, but that is not because of lack of quality. In fact, GoToMeeting has most of the same features that WebEx does, with one notable improvement. Though you can get a WebEx meeting done quickly, GoToMeeting actually has a “Meet Now” function. Starting an impromptu meeting with one click is a great way that GoToMeeting sets itself apart from its competition. It also allows for monthly flat fee type webinars and for people to use it just once.

The desktop sharing and recording functions run smoothly and allow for better collaboration, and finally the reporting features of the software are a benefit to management. The final thing to mention is that GoToWebinar is a similar product from the same company that allows for larger meetings. GoToTraining is another product designed specifically to help you conduct live and interactive training, with online tests to measure effectiveness.

Web Conferencing Software Reviews: Which is the Choice for You?

In reality, only you can decide that. Both options allow you to do a free trial of their software. You truly cannot do proper web conferencing software reviews without trying them out first. In the end, it may just come down to which interface you like using better. Both are easy to use, both are flexible, both allow for teleconferencing while in a web conference, both are reasonably priced, and both are very popular for good reasons. Take the time to try both, at this point you really cannot go wrong with either. Someday, one or the other may really step out and add something that the other cannot, but that day is not today.

Remember that when conducting web conferencing reviews to take more than price into account. There are a number of other factors involved that can guide your web conferencing software purchasing decision. Compare web conferencing software on our site today, and save yourself time and money tomorrow.

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