Qik Will Release New Video Calling Solution

  Yesterday, Qik and Samsung released a demo of video conferencing software for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. The video software was developed by Qik, a video communications company. It will allow full-screen, full-duplex video calls on Samsung’s tablet and other Android mobile devices..   Qik hopes to outdo the other sub par videoconferencing options out […]


Conference Call Service — Quality Matters!

There are three main components to a quality conference call, and these are clarity, usability, and cost. To put it simply, the audio during a conference call must be clear, with no delay, jitter, or fuzziness; the interface must be easy to use for both participants and the group leader; and the service must be […]


Conference Call Checklist for Success

The conference call has become a routine part of daily business, used to enhance productivity and collaborate with an increasingly dispersed array of remote employees and partners. Used incorrectly though, conference calling and web conferencing can be ineffective. By following this checklist however, you can be assured of a successful conference call program. 1. Employ […]


About Conference Call Services

A conference call is a telephone call in which more than one person is listening with the permission of the calling party. The conference call can be designed to permit the called person to participate in the call or just listen without speaking to the person who is calling. This type of conference call is […]


Webex Etiquette is Critical for Web Conference Call Success

With the virtual world coming into our lives in such an ubiquitous manner, it is necessary to evolve patterns of behavior which may differ in many ways from the conventions ordinarily used for communication. In a web conference call, the mere fact that the participants are not physically present makes it difficult to adhere to […]


Watch out! Common Conference Call Pitfalls

As in all types of virtual interaction, there are certain pitfalls in holding a conference call. Avoiding these common problems can make for a much more successful and productive conference call, with all participants having had a pleasant experience. Most of these pitfalls can be avoided with a little common sense and preparation, but participants […]


How to Host a Successful Conference Call

Conference calling has become a popular option for weekly sales meetings, client contact and other activities for organizations, as it is a useful tool to enhance productivity, efficiency and connections between people in different locations. A conference call has its own protocol and etiquette and it is crucial that one understands how to organize a […]


Traditional Sales call vs. Online Sales Calls

Times have changed. A sales call may no longer mean an on-site visit or phone call; it could just as easily mean an online demo or a web meeting. A tighter focus on the bottom line means sales staff are being called on to be more productive, and spending all day traveling to meet a […]


The Basics Of Video Conferencing

Modern technology convergence equips ordinary people with the basics to engage in video conferencing. Users can utilize the two most popular email and live chat providers Yahoo and MSN to set up simple video conferencing their softwares. People can call, talk and watch each other – regardless of location – and communicate in real time. […]


Audio Conferencing Solutions and Its Uses

Audio conferencing solutions have helped businesses reach out to geographically separated people. This has enabled businesses to save on costs and time, even with the difficulties associated with events ran by audio conferencing solutions. These difficulties include scheduling conflicts, different venues, time differences, hotel accommodations, and other problems. Audio Conferencing Solutions have changed the way […]