How Well Does Video Web Conferencing Work on Tablet PCs?

Nearly 15 million tablets were sold in 2010, and the numbers show up to 40 million by the end of 2011. More and more business professionals are using them for daily tasks, and now that a camera is mounted on the front of most devices, video web conferencing programs are becoming a bigger market. But […]


Boost Freelancer Productivity with Online Meetings

Written by You may be thinking, “I’m a freelancer. What could online meetings do for me? That’s for big companies.” If you’ve never used online meeting software before, believe me, you might not even realize how much easier your life could be. Online conferences can do the same things for you that they do […]


Intercall Review: Business Web Conferencing Solutions

Consumers are looking for a web conferencing service that gives them the tools to improve their services and efficiencies. Yet they also want an easy to manage service that doesn’t require an IT team to configure. Our Intercall review looks at this award-winning web conferencing software to see whether it matches those wants and needs. […]


Video Conferencing Software That’s Easy for the Most Inexperienced

Video conferencing software can come with a variety of tools and cost quite a lot of money; but if you don’t need the tools or don’t have the budget for the high-end video web conferencing software, there are options out there that are extremely easy to use and cost little or are entirely free. ooVoo […]


Video Conferencing Review: How Useful is it For Your Business?

How useful is video conferencing really? Our video conferencing review shows that it can save money in the hiring process by conducting interviews via video conferencing rather than flying prospects out, and these can be recorded and shown to those who weren’t able to make it to the interview. However, it’s not the same as […]


Web Conferencing Features We’d like to See in the Future

Web conferencing software is a powerful tool for companies needing to interact with employees, colleagues, customers or partners located around the world. If your company has used the service in the past then you know that there are some great benefits and features that come with the tool. What if we could add to the web conferencing […]


Who is the Best Web Conferencing Provider out There?

There are some very good web conferencing services available today but finding the best web conferencing provider can take some research. The provider you choose should allow you to hold meetings, attend meetings, give presentations, show demonstrations and more; and it should all be done in real time. Taking the time to do thorough research […]


Which iPad Web Conferencing Apps Provide the Best Experience?

The iPad can be a valuable tool for your web conferencing with its potential to solve nearly all of your mobility issues. If you’re just starting out, there are plenty of choices out there. The following options are very solid systems that can provide you with the latest in iPad web conferencing applications. Mighty Meeting […]


Free Web Conferencing: Yugma vs. Anymeeting

A growing majority of organizations are moving away from face-to-face traditional meetings and seminars and instead more and more are choosing to take advantage of free web conferencing. The best webinar providers allow you to not only stay in town, but even at your desk, in your office. These virtual meetings provide the live interactions […]


Web Conferencing Software: The Easiest Way to Cut Company Costs

If you have been looking for a way to cut expenses for your company then you should look into web conferencing software. According to the latest report from Ovum, many other companies are already looking into this option as well. This report, found in The Future of Audio and Web Conferencing, stated that since the […]