Video Conferencing on the iPad


There has been a surplus of articles about the iPad and iPad software innovations lately. This article is no different. WC Blog is excited to announce that web conferencing solutions are now available for the Apple iPad.

Mobile Enterprise workforces can now use the iPad as a video conferencing solutions platform. Global IP Solutions, an HD voice and video processing solutions provider, has announced the release of HD and super-wideband voice and video conferencing/chat capabilities for iPad developers.

iPad developers can integrate GIPS Video Engine Mobile software API that contains the complex video conferencing/video capabilities into the Apple iPad OS. GIPS Mobile offers a solution for voice and video communication that aims to overcome mobile and IP network issues. Phones and computers are plagued by delays, packet losses, bandwidth limitations, lip synchronization, bandwidth optimization and echo cancellation.

Adding web conferencing features to the iPad helps enterprises mobilize their information workers. Mobile technology is the new frontier for software and has proven to increase efficiency in business processes. As a relatively new technology, it is exciting to track iPad innovations for business solutions. The buzz surrounding the iPad isn’t dying anytime soon.

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