Watch Out, Citrix & WebEx! ViVu May Be The Next Big Thing

Last month, video-conferencing service ViVu raised $3million in a Series A funding round, and some are suggesting that their interactive video-as-a-service (iVaaS) could be the WebEx and GoToMeeting (Citrix) killer.

With Vivu’s service, users can create, publish, and manage video-conferencing events from the site, and access meetings from computers or even smartphones. Their software is Flash and Java based, so it runs in most major browsers and there is no legacy hardware or software involved, which is an added convenience, and currently the service is available for $49.95 per month for unlimited meetings. Users can make appointments for video meetings, and these arrangements can then be integrated into Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. There is also Twitter integration and an instant messaging platform.

Example of ViVu's Conference Interface

Example of ViVu's Conference Interface

ViVu’s interface is very unique, and resembles a physical conference set up—with visible thumbnails for every participant—and the service accommodates up to several thousand participants. ViVu has provisions for rich media-sharing, and there are screen-sharing capabilities as well.

Editor of The Webinar Blog, Ken Molay, reviewed ViVu’s service last month and was overall pretty pleased—he did note some errors, but attributed them to the service’s relative immaturity and surmised that once ViVu fixes these kinks, it will be a serious contender in the video conferencing market. Of course, ViVu’s aforementioned venture funding indicates Molay isn’t the only one betting on their platform, and it will be interesting to see how web conferencing heavyweights like WebEx (Cisco) and Citrix respond to “iVaaS.”

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    I need to conduct webmeetings to provide a therapeutic group counseling session that is strictly anonymous and confidential.
    I have the following specifications:
    1. There must be at least eight attendees plus the Host.
    2. All participants must be able to see and hear one another.
    3. Attendees must be able to maintain complete anonymity. No username or password for attendee. O.K. for Host.
    4. Attendees must be able to join meeting without an invitation. They will be advised beforehand of day and time.
    5. All charges must be to Host.
    6. There should be minimal or no lag between what one person says and when the others begin.
    7. There should be no or minimum delay between voice and speakers lips.
    8. The service must be unlimited. No time limitation on meetings. No restriction on the number of meetings yearly.
    9. Downloads and plugins (java, flash) must be simple or not required.
    10. A free trial is necessary.
    11. Must accomodate PC, Mac, Linux.
    12. A white board and annotations would be helpful, but not necessary.
    13. Polling would be helpful, but not necessary.
    14. A locked room (does not allow additional attendees or hackers) would be helpful to insure confidentiality.
    15. The screen for attendees should be minimal, simple and clean with the least distractions.
    16. A performance test of the webcam, speaker and mic would be helpful.
    Please address each of these issues. They are important for making a decision about your service.
    If you should think of additional features that would be helpful, please feel free to suggest them.

    Finally, which of your options would provide this minimal service and what would be the price yearly?
    Jerry M. Goffman, Ph.D.

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