InterCall Acquires Streaming, Integrates with Help Desk

The state of web conferencing is constant flux, and today we’re going to look a bit of news we missed back in January: InterCall’s acquisition of Stream57.

InterCall has positioned itself as not just a web conferencing facilitator, but a collaboration services provider as well, so it makes sense that they would aspire to be the model for virtual events. To that end, Stream57, as a provider of customizable web event and streaming media solutions and services, offers the right kind of tools to bring into the fold. Stream57 is a recognized leader in e-learning services for the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets, their focus has been on in-house platform development and innovation. The company’s founder credits their dedication to Adobe Flash software as the reason for their sophisticated products (and success).

With the acquisition, Intercall will be specifically courting those companies wanting to collaborate and connect with remote employees, and companies that are increasingly adding streaming to their virtual events. There are always kinks when incorporating non-native technologies, but whether it’s done with outside technology or no, it’s always refreshing to see companies committed to improving their products.

One of the interesting things about InterCall is that they’re growing their services pretty rapidly—or at least, they are taking their web conferencing platform in more than one direction. In addition to bolstering web conferencing functions, InterCall recently entered a partnership with Elementool, a web-based project management platform. The integration will allow those using Elementool’s help desk services to share screens, trouble shoot, and hold meetings from directly within the Elementool dashboard.

Incorporating streaming and partnering with help desk providers may not be novel innovations, but they are smart ones. As we hear more and more about web and video conferencing stepping outside traditional boundaries, we’ll likely see many similar partnerships. For now, we’re excited to see what other business software suites incorporate video conferencing.

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