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Using ClickMeeting Online Conferencing to Turn a “No” into a “Yes”

Written by ClickMeeting.com Have you ever noticed? Prospects hardly ever say the word, “No” when you are closing the sale. Sometimes they say the word, “interesting,” which probably means that they plan to think about it for a year or two before buying. Other times they say the word, “later,” which is not a word […]


Intercall Review: Business Web Conferencing Solutions

Consumers are looking for a web conferencing service that gives them the tools to improve their services and efficiencies. Yet they also want an easy to manage service that doesn’t require an IT team to configure. Our Intercall review looks at this award-winning web conferencing software to see whether it matches those wants and needs. […]


ConferencePlus Review: Web Conferencing for all Industries

After nearly two decades of providing web conferencing services, ConferencePlus believes it has the best webinar tools to improve your business processes and increase productivity. In this ConferencePlus review, you’ll see what it does and who uses it. ConferencePlus Review of System Requirements ConferencePlus requires your system to be JavaScript enabled and updated with the […]


Video Conferencing Software That’s Easy for the Most Inexperienced

Video conferencing software can come with a variety of tools and cost quite a lot of money; but if you don’t need the tools or don’t have the budget for the high-end video web conferencing software, there are options out there that are extremely easy to use and cost little or are entirely free. ooVoo […]


Video Conferencing Review: How Useful is it For Your Business?

How useful is video conferencing really? Our video conferencing review shows that it can save money in the hiring process by conducting interviews via video conferencing rather than flying prospects out, and these can be recorded and shown to those who weren’t able to make it to the interview. However, it’s not the same as […]


Free Webinar Software: Which Ones Are Truly Free?

If you search for free webinar software, you’ll probably only find free trial offers rather than completely free services. In addition, some free web conferencing services don’t include free webinar services as well, just an account to hold online meetings which doesn’t include webinar tools such as reporting and recording. Yugma, for example, does offer […]


Web Conferencing Features We’d like to See in the Future

Web conferencing software is a powerful tool for companies needing to interact with employees, colleagues, customers or partners located around the world. If your company has used the service in the past then you know that there are some great benefits and features that come with the tool. What if we could add to the web conferencing […]


Use the Best Web Conferencing to Connect Your Virtual Team

Withincreasing globalization, virtual meetings are becoming an important component in business operations. In fact, some companies operate purely through virtual means using some of the best web conferencing technology available. The traditional business structure of the 20th century is fast becoming an anachronism, with rapidly advancing technology and the changing nature of communications. It has […]


10 Tips to Finding the Top Web Conferencing Software

When searching for the best web conferencing software you want to make sure you know what you are getting. You want to make sure you choose software that closely matches your wish list and budget. A great deal of research may be needed before you find the perfect solution for your company; hopefully these ten […]


Choosing the Best Web Conferencing Software for Your Business

Choosing the best web conferencing software for your business can be a daunting task.  There are so many choices, it can be hard to do a proper comparison without getting overwhelmed.  What follows are some simple steps to help you navigate these potentially unfamiliar waters with confidence, and help propel your company to new heights […]