Intercall Review: Business Web Conferencing Solutions

Consumers are looking for a web conferencing service that gives them the tools to improve their services and efficiencies. Yet they also want an easy to manage service that doesn’t require an IT team to configure. Our Intercall review looks at this award-winning web conferencing software to see whether it matches those wants and needs.

Intercall Review of Pricing

Intercall’s conference call plans include one particularly attractive to small businesses, a $39 per month “unlimited 10” plan that allows you to turn your phone into a conference room. There are also pay-as-you-go audio conferencing plans starting at 10 cents per minute for conference groups of up to 125 people. Additionally, there is a plan called “unlimited 20” that allows 20 users to connect for $49 a month.

Intercall Review of the Security Features

Intercall offers 128-bit AES encryption with security passwords to attend meetings. Users can also lock unauthorized access, giving the moderator the control over who joins and who doesn’t, which prevents hiccups during conferences. Intercall also gives you the option of requiring participants to pre-register before they can join. This gives you more information about your participants prior to the meeting.

Intercall Review of the Conferencing Features

Background noise can disrupt a web conference, so Intercall addresses this by letting the moderator see on a participant list where the noise is coming from, and mute that person. Our Intercall review of its best webinar tools shows that it allows you to review documents in real time, train remote colleagues and teams, and make presentations to customers and potential customers. It is integrated with Outlook and Lotus Notes, which allows for one-click access to meetings. The interface is customizable with panels that can be expanded or collapsed. Intercall is also integrated with Reservationless-Plus Conferencing, which lets you dial out to your members and eliminates the requirement to remember your numbers and access information.

Intercall Review of Customer Satisfaction

In customer Intercall review statements, users mention perks like the advanced tools for whiteboarding, integrated webcam support, and the ability to conduct small business meetings as well as large webinars. One disadvantage you might find in your Intercall review might be that it doesn’t provide multiparty videoconferencing. Another possible fault is its limit to 125 attendees in its pay-as-you-go model. Past users have also noted its limited customer support and complicated interface.
Intercall Review of Participation and Interaction

Participants can send instant messages to the whole group or to one individual and not interrupt the meeting. Users on MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Lotu Sametime, or Microsoft Office Communicator can be invited through those applications. Instant feedback can be gained through the participants’ use of emoticons, which is included in the interface. Feedback is also received from the conference manager polling, survey and quiz web conferencing features, which tests the knowledge of those in the meeting at the conclusion of your conference.

Intercall Review of the Teleconferencing Features

Intercall includes audio broadcasting audience tools that can be utilized by participants, even those not using VoIP. Participants can also fill out a form online that asks if they would prefer the system to call their phone. Using this feature, they are able to join the conference without having to enter codes or pin numbers.

Virtual online meetings are becoming the norm, not only for high-functioning businesses, but also for companies who just want to keep a competitive edge. Overall, our Intercall review shows that they offer a pretty comprehensive solution, depending on your needs as a business, so it’s definitely a viable option as you look for web conferencing software.

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