Video Conferencing Review: How Useful is it For Your Business?

How useful is video conferencing really? Our video conferencing review shows that it can save money in the hiring process by conducting interviews via video conferencing rather than flying prospects out, and these can be recorded and shown to those who weren’t able to make it to the interview. However, it’s not the same as meeting someone in person.

Going green is also becoming a hot topic, and video conferencing plays into that. A recent report by the Carbon Disclosure Project said U.S. firms can save more than $15 billion in the next decade by using video conferencing instead of traveling. A video conferencing review will assist you in finding a solution that fits the needs of your company.

Video Conferencing Review of Visual Communication Benefits

Our video conferencing review shows that it impacts the level of communication between those in the conversation because a percentage (some say up to 80%) of communication is non-verbal and has to be visually seen to be understood. Conference participants can witness the expressions on the faces of others in the meeting, providing visual cues to how the shared information is being received. With this added visual stimuli, they are less likely to lose their focus and become distracted.

Video Conferencing Review of Who is Using the Technology

Interaction in video conferences isn’t always between you and your customers or potential customers. For example, if your company has regional offices that communicate with one another, usually through phone or e-mail, video conferencing can be used to create better relationships, which allows for the faster transfer of information, quicker decision-making, and a more attractive bottom line for your company.

It’s not all about business; our video conferencing review shows that educators are finding it quite useful as well. Universities that are miles apart and collaborate on degree programs use the technology to lecture to students from afar. A report last year said there are approximately 30,000 video conferencing systems in the U.S. schools.

Video Conferencing Review: What to Look for

There are many vendors who build web-based hosted systems, and vendors who create hardware and software, which can be installed on your own network to utilize a variety of video conferencing tools. Vendors include features in their platforms that allow users to share notes and files and interact within those files, so doing a video conferencing comparison to figure out which features you need is key..

Our video conferencing review revealed that vendors generally boast their solution is “better than being there.” LifeSize offers full HD video and audio as well as the data-sharing feature to its product, which can be shared with up to eight locations at once. Integration with Outlook and Google Calendar are standard on many models, which makes syncing your contacts with the video conferencing platform a breeze.

One of the more popular options – WebEx – has an interface similar to iTunes. The vendor uses Whiteboards and collapsible panels, chats, and notes to add to the productivity of the experience. Adobe Connect is also full of tools that allow the user to optimize interface to their needs. They can size their screen for optimal viewing, and access audio and visual controls. A video conferencing review is a valuable tool highlighting vendor offerings available.

According to our video conferencing review, what keeps companies coming back is the improved efficiency and productivity that they see as a result of choosing video conferencing over travel. Plus, the stress of travel on employees becomes a non-issue when they can meet with clients from the comfort of their own office, making video conferencing a viable alternative.

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