How to Calculate the ROI of Remote Support

Remote support systems, when used as a tool to enhance customer support through remote control, can deliver a positive ROI to the enterprise in several ways. The remote support software allows a tech rep to take control of a remote computer, allowing the rep to conduct repairs from a remote location, install and configure software, […]


Remote Support Software:Secrets to Providing a Premium Customer Experience Online

Providing an excellent customer experience at every phase of the customer interaction cycle delivers positive and measurable results in terms of ROI, by encouraging repeat business, and creating valuable references for new sales. You can extend the value of CRM software by implementing web conferencing platforms or remote support software. With these software additions, you can […]


Remote Support 101

Technical support can be made easier and more efficient with remote support software, which allows a customer support technician to take direct control over the customer’s computer. by following remote support best practices your support team can deliver an immediate impact, with increased productivity, shorter average call times, and better results. There are two types […]


Remote Support Software Reviews: 4 of the Leading Vendors

Remote support software reviews are a great way to help you find the best remote support software. A remote support solution provides technology to address technical issues with users that are not in the same physical location. Remote Support software establishes a direct connection between two computers so that the support personnel can take direct […]


Remote Support: How Secure is It?

Remote support can deliver highly efficient tech support by allowing support personnel to remotely take over a customer’s computer. Remote support can  result in shorter average call times, a higher success rate, and improved capture of information that can be used by the engineering staff for future updates and patches. However, a common question often posed […]


Remote Support Best Practices

If you are a network administrator or on a help desk job, you are aware how hard it is to offer on-demand remote support to an inexperienced user, who still may not know the basics to perform even simple tasks.  One of the best practices engaged by a vendor for providing remote support at this […]