Remote Support Software Reviews: 4 of the Leading Vendors

Remote support software reviews are a great way to help you find the best remote support software. A remote support solution provides technology to address technical issues with users that are not in the same physical location. Remote Support software establishes a direct connection between two computers so that the support personnel can take direct control over the user’s computer for the purpose of addressing a problem, or for instructing the user on how to utilize a specific feature.

Because it does deliver such a boost to productivity in the tech support area, it has gained in popularity and there are several vendors in this field offering powerful solutions, and conducting remote support software reviews is the best way to start your search for the perfect solution.

Remote Support Software Reviews : Citrix Systems

Citrix is one of the leading vendors of on-demand remote support solutions. The remote support software reviews of Citrix products include Citrix GotoMyPC, which provides remote access to the PC from any location; and Citrix GoToAssist for live remote support.

The vendor’s customers include 100% of the Fortune 100 companies and 99% of the Fortune Global 500. The vendor ensures foolproof fault tolerance services along with built-in redundancy.

GoToAssist, a hosted service, provides the advantage of an almost immediate connection. The remote user, when sending a request for support, will receive a code that can be used to download the support software, which is a quick and painless process. The client software is installed only temporarily, and deleted immediately after the session is terminated; the advantage of which is that it allows for greater security. There is a “sharing” mode which allows both the support personnel and the remote user to operate the desktop, and there is also a drawing mode that can be used by the tech staff to draw lines or arrows on the user’s screen to draw attention to specific areas.

Remote Support Software Reviews: Cisco Systems

Cisco is another big name in remote support with its WebEx software solution. Like Citrix, WebEx offers an immediate connection, allowing tech staff to take control over remote desktops in real time. WebEx does exceptionally well in its remote suppourt software reviews, and the well-known solution allows files to be transferred, and it is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that is purchased by subscription. SaaS deliver is one of the many  advantages of WebEx, and this means it does not require on-premises capital expenditures or additional server requirements. Sessions can be initiated from the email client or from the desktop with a single click, and Cisco also delivers the advantages of web conferencing such as integrated VoIP and video to enhance the support experience. The system is secure and can work through most firewall systems.

Remote Support Software Reviews: Bomgar

Bomgar takes a different approach than Cisco’s SaaS model, instead delivering a remote support appliance that is deployed on-premises. A secure remote connection is established through the appliance with the remote client. The greatest strength of the system is the ability of the tech personnel to take control of any computer, regardless of operating system.

Remote Support Software Reviews: LogMeIn

LogMeIn offers an attractive selection of services for both small and large users. Besides LogMeIn Pro for remote connection with PCs, the company also offers a utility for achieving remote control through an iPhone. Basic access is also available with the LogMeIn Free utility for individuals.

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