The All-New AnyMeeting Experience is Officially Live!

Last week, AnyMeeting announced that they were planning on rolling out a whole new web conferencing experience for their customers, in response to feedback they’d received.  Today it went live, and now anyone can access new features such as 6-way video conferencing, faster screen sharing, better screen management, and a quick task bar. Based on […]


New Free Web Conferencing from

Last week, announced their plan to roll out their free web conferencing platform officially, ending the beta testing period. Our review covers the basics of the service, but we also did a test run of the PRO features prior to launch. is definitely an easy solution to use, and the controls are intuitive […]


Videoconferencing Market Consolidating

According to, the video conferencing market is entering a period of consolidation. Notable players in the consolidation of the market include Microsoft, HP, Cisco, and Logitech. Consolidation in the market is a sign of maturity, pointing to the market as reaching an important marker of growth. Will the market be able to support extended […]


Nefsis: Cloud Video Conferencing is the Future

In an announcement released today, Nefsis, a provider of video conferencing software, today predicted that cloud computing will play in increasingly large role in the video conferencing market. The company cites the fact that their product mix has shifted from 50% on-premise in 2008 to 90% cloud based in 2011. The company says that cloud […]


PGi and Intelisys Expand Partnership

PGi, a virtual meeting software provider, announced today an expansion of its 5 year partnership with Intelisys, a distributor of business communications services. The expanded partnership will have Intelisys selling PGi’s virtual meetings solutions, iMeet and GlobalMeet, over its network of 350 master agents. iMeet and GlobalMeet are PGi’s web conferencing and online meeting solutions. […]


5 Ways to Improve Your Video Conference Quality

Do you suffer from staticy shots? Does your audience constantly ask for you to repeat yourself? Do you find your Q&A session is just a stampede of people asking you to repeat yourself? I have news for you my friend: you’re suffering from poor video conferencing quality. Not a big deal you say? Think again. […]


ConferencePlus Launches Online Meeting

ConferencePlus, a provider of web conferencing software, recently announced the launch of ConferencePlus Online Meeting. The new offering is aimed at facilitating the day-to-day collaboration needs of every size of business. Okay, stop there for one second. Anytime you hear a company offering a product in a one-size-fits-all kind of model, you should be suspicious. […]


Saba Software and the People Cloud

If Saba Software has its way, the enterprise collaboration space is about to get a lot more social. Saba’s upcoming collaboration platform People Cloud is currently being beta tested with about 100 firms. The company’s offering includes such social networking features as Facebook-like status updates and discussion threads. The product also includes group collaboration, web […]


Cisco WebEx Gets Cheaper: SMBs Time to Pop Champagne?

Looks like Cisco’s WebEx has been feeling some pressure from other players in the web conferencing market. The company announced that WebEx 8 will offer online meetings for $19 a month, a price point that places the product (don’t you just love alliteration?) in the perfect place for the SMB market. Historically, WebEx hasn’t been […]


Anymeeting: Ability to Charge For Webinars Announced

AnyMeeting, a provider of web conferencing software, has a new feature for the rich, famous, and the aspiring-to-be-famous-but-not-quite-yet-but-still-going-to-try-making-money-off-it. The company has integrated PayPal’s merchant service and a ticketing system into their web conferencing platform, allowing would be stars to charge for admission into their online soirées. Looks like Making Money Online Inc. just got a […]