Smartphone and Web Conferencing: A Productive Partnership

The smartphone is fast becoming a daily work tool for people in the office or on the go. The idea of pairing up the smartphone with web conferencing just seems like the next logical idea. Road warriors, especially those who don’t like lugging around laptops (or anything bulky for the matter), can now drop in […]


Skype Debuts Group Video Conferencing

We’ve noticed a trend in video conferencing technology. Web conferencing platforms are now being integrated into social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. With all these collaborations and integrations diminishing the need for individual communications software applications, what’s a company to do? Upgrade! In the wake of the Twitter and Tinychat collaboration, Skype has updated […]


Tinychat Brings Video Conferencing to Twitter

Twitter users can now take advantage of Tinychat’s video conferencing capabilities. Much like the web conferencing phenomenon, Chatroulette, Tinychat brings that same idea in the form of a twitter client. Tinychat offers quick and easy video conferencing for the Twiterati. Tinychat can best be described as a Twitter+Chatroulette+Skype hybrid. Users can randomly chat with each […]


Ash Cloud Brings Good News For Video Conferencing Companies

In the aftermath of the Icelandic ash cloud disruption, companies are starting to realize the need for web conferencing products as a means of communication with their people under any conditions. Video Conferencing technology companies such as Cisco Systems Inc, Polycom Inc, Logitech International SA and a new Norwegian tech start-up named Videoworks are banking […]


MXL and ooVoo: Web Conferencing Match Made in Heaven

MXL Microphones recently announced a partnership with ooVoo, a video communications service. MXL is a division of Marshall Electronics that offers a variety of microphone solutions.  The partnership is intended to unite a high quality web conferencing platform with professional grade USB microphone software. MXL and ooVoo want to provide users with an exceptional web […]


VenueGen Invades the Web Conferencing Sphere with 3-D Virtual Meeting Technology

VenueGen was awarded with Gartner Inc.’s “Cool Vendor” award yesterday. Gatner Inc., an analyst firm, compiled a report with five vendors that “demonstrate the breadth of social-software tools”. The five vendors “use the social network to solve problems and provide a platform for engagement in virtual environments that’s superior to more traditional settings”, as stated […]


Free Web Conferencing on the BlackBerry with Cisco Webex

Mobile technology has become a popular platform for business software solutions. Companies that invest in mobile business solutions realize how crucial real time access to information and applications really is. The internet has enabled information to travel at nearly instantaneous speeds, and it is important for businesses to have access to all the tools and […]


Video Conferencing on the iPad

There has been a surplus of articles about the iPad and iPad software innovations lately. This article is no different. WC Blog is excited to announce that web conferencing solutions are now available for the Apple iPad. Mobile Enterprise workforces can now use the iPad as a video conferencing solutions platform. Global IP Solutions, an […]


Streaming Media Inventor Appointed EVP at Fuze Box

Fuze Box, a mobile and Internet solutions provider, has appointed Dr. Alan Lippman as its EVP of Media Technology.  This is exciting news for Fuze Box and its web conferencing platform. Alan Lippman is a streaming media expert and is considered to be one of the founding fathers of streaming audio/video and digital media hub […]


The Future of Telepresence looks Bright(Com)

BrightCom, a video conferencing solutions provider, announced their media framework and plans for the future of telepresence. The web-conferencing company divulged their architecture for their Visual Collaboration System (VCS), which will offer real-time infrastructure, live video editing and an augmented reality application, with their product. The announcement is exciting news for the telepresence industry and […]