Free Web Conferencing on the BlackBerry with Cisco Webex

Mobile technology has become a popular platform for business software solutions. Companies that invest in mobile business solutions realize how crucial real time access to information and applications really is. The internet has enabled information to travel at nearly instantaneous speeds, and it is important for businesses to have access to all the tools and […]


Video Conferencing on the iPad

There has been a surplus of articles about the iPad and iPad software innovations lately. This article is no different. WC Blog is excited to announce that web conferencing solutions are now available for the Apple iPad. Mobile Enterprise workforces can now use the iPad as a video conferencing solutions platform. Global IP Solutions, an […]


Streaming Media Inventor Appointed EVP at Fuze Box

Fuze Box, a mobile and Internet solutions provider, has appointed Dr. Alan Lippman as its EVP of Media Technology.  This is exciting news for Fuze Box and its web conferencing platform. Alan Lippman is a streaming media expert and is considered to be one of the founding fathers of streaming audio/video and digital media hub […]


The Future of Telepresence looks Bright(Com)

BrightCom, a video conferencing solutions provider, announced their media framework and plans for the future of telepresence. The web-conferencing company divulged their architecture for their Visual Collaboration System (VCS), which will offer real-time infrastructure, live video editing and an augmented reality application, with their product. The announcement is exciting news for the telepresence industry and […]


Video Conferencing For All! Elementool Brings Telepresence to Project Managers

Elementool just added a web conferencing feature to its project management software. Since face to face interactions are highly valued in business, adding video conferencing to chat and messaging was an obvious next step. The web conferencing feature has been added to several Elementool products including: Help Desk, Issue Tracking and Time Tracking.  The new […]


Telepresence Technology Is Getting Even More Advanced

Cisco is in the process of acquiring rival Norwegian manufacturer Tandberg, in a $3.4 billion deal that has already been approved by the European Commission and not contended by the U.S Department of Justice. As a result of the EC’s approval, Cisco agreed to improve the interoperability between the multi-screen video conferencing options and those […]


Vidyo Raises $25 Million in Series C — Look Out, Cisco!

Like most video conferencing vendors, Vidyo is gunning for Cisco’s position as top dog in the market. And with the $25 million they recently earned in their Series C funding round, there’s a possibility they’ll be serious competition a lot sooner than we think. The funds all came from existing investors, like Four Rivers Group, […]


iPhone Video Conferencing?

We don’t put a lot of stock into gossip here at, but this one has received a decent amount of press, and if it’s true, it could have a big impact on the video conferencing market. Much of the hubbub surrounding the end of AT&T’s exclusivity deal with Apple will be about the standoff […]


InterCall Acquires Streaming, Integrates with Help Desk

The state of web conferencing is constant flux, and today we’re going to look a bit of news we missed back in January: InterCall’s acquisition of Stream57. InterCall has positioned itself as not just a web conferencing facilitator, but a collaboration services provider as well, so it makes sense that they would aspire to be […]


More Video Conferencing to Come! A Cisco Study Shows IT Managers Will Increase Collaboration Spending

A recent study, titled “Collaboration Nation,” indicated that the majority of IT managers at medium to large enterprises are planning to increase spending on collaboration tools in 2010. The report itself was conducted by a company with a lot to gain from that conclusion: Cisco. Anyone looking for or familiar with business productivity software knows […]