Cisco WebEx Meet is a Free WebEx service

Imagine having a web conferencing solution similar to Cisco WebEx- but for free! You can with Cisco WebEx Meet! This no-cost service is currently in beta. It is very similar to Cisco’s WebEx although not as rich in features.

This simplistic meeting service is ideal for those who only need to give a presentation, view a client’s desktop, or record a meeting. The web conferencing video capabilities are high-quality and have the basic features of video chat. Users can see all of their files and WebEx meetings in one place. They can also import their schedules and contacts. Cisco WebEx Meet allows users to easily schedule meetings, share documents or applications with other users, and add action items on meeting files so projects move along faster. Users can even post the meeting agenda or any other files for their web conference attendees to view.

Cisco WebEx Meet is great for smaller companies who cannot afford to buy complex, integrated solutions for web conferencing. Cisco WebEx Meet fulfills the basic needs of a business. Of course, there are many limitations to this free web conferencing service. There is only 5GB of storage and users can only video chat with four other people at one time on Cisco WebEx Meet, whereas Cisco WebEx allows up to 25 participants in total.

For those considering buying Cisco WebEx (which can be purchased for $49/month), you should use WebEx Meet first to see how you like the user interface and features that Cisco offers. The Cisco WebEx Meet service is still in beta, but hopefully it will become a full-time service soon. Go to Cisco’s website to download this free web conferencing service.

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