Google’s VP8: The Future of Internet Video

H.264 has been the standard codec until Google’s release of the famous VP8 codec.  Google recently acquired On2 Technologies in February and just released the latest VP8 three weeks ago.  VP8 is the new alternative to H.264 for video compression.

Several companies are backing up the VP8 codec, including Mozilla, Logitech, and Nvidia.  Each company announced that they would replace the H.264 codec and support the Google VP8.  This means that the VP8 will start to be the standard for internet video and video conferencing.
Tixeo, a 3D video and web conferencing software company, also decided to support the new VP8.  They will use the new codec for their 3D web conferencing and HD video conferencing programs.  This will increase video quality and bandwidth usage for the programs.

The most exciting part of Tixeo’s decision is that users will be able to experience the high performing HD video with a standard ADSL connection.  HD video can stream on Tixeo’s WorkSpace 3D with less than 1 Mbps.  Also, video conferencing with several participants is possible on a normal desktop with a normal 8Mbps ADSL.  Usually, to get this kind of resolution and quality, users would need both high performance hardware and professional broadband Internet access.
Tixeo’s programs are now faster, stronger, and smarter.  Customers will be able to communicate better and web or video conference with no visibility or connection problems because of the VP8.


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