Conducting a Video Conferencing Comparison of the Top Rated Vendors

When conducting a video conferencing comparison you want to make sure that you research each provider very carefully. There are so many great vendors out there it can be overwhelming to try and make that decision without substantial research to support your choice. You will want to see solutions in action with making your video conferencing comparison, but you can get started with vital background information on some of the leading solutions in the industry. Take a look at some of the top vendors and the standout feature that sets them apart:

Video Conferencing Comparison: ReadyTalk

ReadyTalk helps companies achieve their goals of selling, marketing, training and communication. Web conferencing platforms offers everything your company will need from webinar hosting to online tools. They are designed to be easy to use, reliable and cost effective. ReadyTalk understands the common goals companies have when implementing conferencing solutions and when conducting your video conferencing comparison, ReadyTalk should be included on your list. This is also one company that is focused on building a strong network of satisfied customers through their innovative technology and great customer service.

Video Conferencing Comparison: Adobe

Adobe Connect is designed to be the most secure web conferencing software available and as you complete your video conferencing comparison, you will be hard pressed to find solutions that match the Adobe platform. Their software is also user-friendly in that it can be set up and used in a very short amount of time. Based on the Adobe Flash Technology, they can offer a customized conferencing service for your company that is easy to use and cost efficient. Your company will also benefit from this common interface and the familiarity with the Adobe platform.

Video Conferencing Comparison: GoToMeeting

Citrix offers GoToMeeting as a system that is easily set up from anywhere as long as a computer is available. A PC or a MAC is fine for GoToMeeting because either system is one hundred percent compatible with the software. The software is easy to use and efficient so that anyone will enjoy using the product. You will find in your video conferencing comparison that GoToMeeting is designed for enterprise-grade communications and the cost can easily reflect this designation depending upon the number of users you need to connect. This is a commonly used platform, however, and therefore the learning curve is often minimized.

Video Conferencing Comparison: Microsoft Office Live Meeting

Connecting your company with your customers and connecting your colleagues with one another are the main goals of Microsoft Office Live Meeting. With the company’s secure software solutions your company can increase their productivity and save money. A full support system is there for any help as well as to get you started with the product, and the common user interface and easy integration in your Windows environment makes this a strong contender in your video conferencing comparison. If your users rely on Outlook and other Microsoft platforms, this video conferencing solution is a strong contender in your environment.

Video Conferencing Comparison: Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting allows you to meet with clients, conduct demonstrations and troubleshoot issues with ease on a platform that is built to support cloud computing. Zoho is positioned to deliver value for your company no matter what the size or industry. Zoho Meeting can also be used for personal conferencing as the open platform is easily navigated. As you conduct your video conferencing comparison, ease of use and streamlined operation are sure to be priority points and Zoho Meeting earns high marks in this area.

Keep in mind as you are completing your video conferencing comparison that not all conferencing solutions are created equal and just because they work well for your colleague, does not guarantee smooth sailing within your environment. Do your homework and opt for free trails before you lock onto one provider.

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