Do We Really Need Web Conferencing Platforms?

By: Peter Leigh

If you have a large company and you need to be in touch with several members of your team at one time, you may need web conferencing platforms. This is a cheaper alternative than having to make travel arrangements to bring everyone together in one place and it is certainly less time consuming than having to make individual phone calls to each person. If you are not familiar with this process, your first question will likely be “What is web conferencing?” Simply put, web conferencing platforms are a method of holding group meetings or presentations through the power of the Internet.

Web Conferencing Platforms – Pros and Cons

In web conferencing platforms, neither of the participants needs to leave his/her home of office. Everything takes place with each person sitting in front of his/her own computer. The most basic feature of these web conferencing platforms is that each one can see the same screen and hear what you or someone else has to say through voice communication or video communication. This can be either through a conference call on the phone, through VOIP or you can read the words through text messaging, or a visual presentation through the use of web video.

When you choose to give a presentation by means of web conferencing platforms, you can still use slides or a power point presentation. If you wish, all the participants can share in a spreadsheet on the computer screen and/or share files from each person’s desktop. This eliminates the need for each one bringing massive amounts of paper to a meeting and handing out folders regarding each part of the presentation.

In order to use such a feature for your meetings, you will need to have web conferencing platforms. Although this can be costly, it’s a one time cost that will pay for itself over and over. And when you add up the cost compared to the cost of other communication methods, it’s very attractively priced. You will also have a monthly or annual flat fee with your web conferencing providers, but you do have to ensure that your provider allows you to use this service at any time.

Connecting with business partners and customers from all corners of the world has never been easier now that we have web conferencing platforms. Now you can spend more time in the office attending to building your business rather than spending the majority of your time traveling or arranging places to hold meetings.

Just a message to all the participants regarding the date and time of the conference call will allow them to clear their schedules to attend the meeting. A click of the mouse allows each one to join the meeting to view the presentation, give comments or ask questions, just as they would in a regular meeting. By using video and audio, each one and see and hear what is taking place. The voice, data and video are all encrypted on web conferencing platforms, so there is no danger of the details becoming part of the public domain.

Take some time to consider the advantages of web conferencing platforms and help grow your business faster.

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