Boost Freelancer Productivity with Online Meetings

Written by You may be thinking, “I’m a freelancer. What could online meetings do for me? That’s for big companies.” If you’ve never used online meeting software before, believe me, you might not even realize how much easier your life could be. Online conferences can do the same things for you that they do […]


Free Webinar Software: Which Ones Are Truly Free?

If you search for free webinar software, you’ll probably only find free trial offers rather than completely free services. In addition, some free web conferencing services don’t include free webinar services as well, just an account to hold online meetings which doesn’t include webinar tools such as reporting and recording. Yugma, for example, does offer […]


Web Conferencing Features We’d like to See in the Future

Web conferencing software is a powerful tool for companies needing to interact with employees, colleagues, customers or partners located around the world. If your company has used the service in the past then you know that there are some great benefits and features that come with the tool. What if we could add to the web conferencing […]


Are Free Webinar Services Actually a Better Deal?

If you have the choice to either pay for a service or get it for free, common sense would have you keep your money in your wallet. But often consumers fear the phrase, “you get what you pay for.” At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be many differences between free webinar services and paid […]


Hold Larger Online Meetings with GoToWebinar Web Conferencing

GoToWebinar is an innovative tool brought yo you by the same creators of GoToMeeting, Citrix. GoToWebinar web conferencing allows your company to hold company meetings with up to 1,000 people at one time. By simply dialing a toll free number your employees can join the audio conference call with GoToWebinar and all they need is […]


Learn About Webinar Best Practices

Choosing to do a webinar can be a great way for your company to reach many people, with comparatively very little investment.  However, it only becomes beneficial if it’s done right by using webinar best practices.  Just like an unprepared sales call, poor webinars can be a difficult problem to overcome for a potential customer.  Not […]


Streamlining with GoToMeeting Online Meetings

Thanks to the revolutionary GoTo platform, which includes GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, countless hours of travel for your company meetings is a thing of the past. Web conferencing platforms are easy to use you will forget that you are even holding online meetings and you will be able to focus your attention on the matters at hand. GoToMeeting […]


Conduct Online Meetings with Adobe Connect

Your company is probably already familiar with the popular Adobe software; however Adobe just got better with Adobe Connect web conferencing. Adobe Connect will allow your company to conduct online meetings within minutes and allow you the flexibility to never leave your desk. One of the great new things about Adobe Connect is it’s capability […]


Eventbrite — Online Event Registration Made Easy

Hosting an online event, from webinars to sales meetings and training sessions, is a wonderful way to improve productivity and reach the greatest possible audience. The underlying technology is deceivingly simple, and this simplicity often leads to the incorrect perception that an online event can be pulled off without any preparation. In fact, an online […]


Online Events–An Overview

The world is a much smaller place, thanks to the internet and emerging technologies. Now small companies can participate in global meetings through convenient and cost effective online events. The two main considerations in an online event is the technology, and the content. The technology is typically straightforward, and can be either hosted or on-premises. […]