Hold Larger Online Meetings with GoToWebinar Web Conferencing

GoToWebinar is an innovative tool brought yo you by the same creators of GoToMeeting, Citrix. GoToWebinar web conferencing allows your company to hold company meetings with up to 1,000 people at one time. By simply dialing a toll free number your employees can join the audio conference call with GoToWebinar and all they need is their computer’s microphone. Nothing could be easier than just a few clicks of a button!

The Ease of GoToWebinar Web Conferencing

Some of the major complaints of webinar software are that it’s difficult to use. Since the audio and visual features are separate it makes learning the product more difficult. GoToWebinar is the exception to this rule. GoToWebinar web conferencing was designed with simple features that are virtually a breeze to learn. Not only is GoToWebinar web conferencing more user friendly than other webinar programs, it is also more cost effective than the competitors.

A Toll Free Number is all You Need for GoToWebinar

Since the toll free number option is there, more companies are leaning towards this method for their GoToWebinar web conferencing meetings. By providing your employees with a simple phone number you will be able to conduct virtually any meeting without having to gather everyone in the same place. If for some reason you have an employee that can not make the call, you can simply record the meeting with GoToWebinar at no additional cost.

Benefits of GoToWebinar Web Conferencing

There are many GoToWebinar web conferencing benefits, so let’s take a look at a few of them now. GoToWebinar needs virtually no IT support which will reduce your communication and travel costs. You will be able to gather audiences in real time which will allow you to hold question and answer sessions to provide better service to customers. One low monthly rate will allow you to hold as many meetings on GoToWebinar as you would like. And, finally, the built-in audio function will allow you to record meetings as you see fit.

No More Cold-Calling with GoToWebinar

Another function that GoToWebinar would be great for is searching for new clients. If your company spends many hours making cold-calls to try and reach new clients then this is definitely going to benefit you. Instead of calling many different companies individually, with GoToWebinar web conferencing you can now provide your potential customers with the toll free number and they can all join you at one time for your sales conference. This will reduce man-hours and streamline your process all at the same time.

Reducing the Workload with GoToWebinar Web Conferencing

There are so many benefits to the GoToWebinar web conferencing software that it would be almost impossible to say anything bad about the product. GoToWebinar was designed to make the life of a business owner more efficient and less expensive. GoToWebinar is a single web conferencing software that can do multiple things to help your business. By being able to reduce the stress of getting all of your employees together at one time, as well as reducing the down time while in your meetings; GoToWebinar is sure to be a hit. GoToWebinar web conferencing is an affordable solution and should be a hit for your business, but check out our other web conferencing reviews to find the best solution for you.

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