Web Conferencing Reviews of Elluminate, Microsoft, and IBM

Some of the largest computer and software companies in the world have entered the web conferencing sphere. With costs to travel soaring, and the availability and reliability of Internet connections, it’s no surprise that many companies are using web conferencing software. Nearly everyone that knows anything about web conferencing reviews is aware of companies like WebEx and GoToMeeting online meetings.

By the same token, just about everyone has heard of companies like Microsoft and IBM in web conferencing reviews. Now, these huge companies have pushed the envelope in regards to web conferencing software, and smaller companies like Elluminate are presenting powerful value propositions. What follows are web conferencing reviews of these two IT behemoths, and a smaller player whose focus is truly on learning and training.

Web Conferencing Reviews: Elluminate Live

The focus of Elluminate’s software is simple, make classroom learning easier and more efficient. They want to make sure that literally anyone can use their software. It is also very flexible as Elluminate ensures that you will not need to do significant system upgrades just to use the software. Like most web conferencing software solutions, you can share applications and work on a whiteboard together during a conference.

There are also quiz and survey functions to enhance the ability of the moderator to test his or her effectiveness in presenting the information. Technical support is readily accessible, and there are different pricing tiers based on what you need. That way, you are not paying for things you do not need, but, you can upgrade at anytime if it becomes a necessity.

Web Conferencing Reviews: IBM Sametyme Unyte

When IBM realized that they were missing out on a significant business opportunity as they did their own web conferencing reviews, they had two choices. The company could start from scratch and build a web conferencing platform, or purchase a company that already had a strong software program. IBM purchased WebDialogs in 2007 and renamed it IBM Lotus Sametyme Unyte.

This program is known for ease of use and rapid deployments, but still offers an impressive feature set. The solution will support up to 999 participants, can be managed with the LotusLive Meeting dashboard, offers SSL encryption and can support multiple browsers and platforms. Meetings can be set up quickly or scheduled well in advance. You can also control the applications that the attendees see, and you can control the program remotely. As you would expect with IBM, it is secure and reliable, optimizing on the latest technologies.

Web Conferencing Reviews: Microsoft Office Live Meeting

If you have ever touched a computer, it was either a PC or a Mac. Regardless, almost assuredly there was some Microsoft programming on the desktop or laptop. Since most everyone is familiar with Microsoft, it makes it easy when they want to add a product. Live Meeting is their foray into the web conferencing software.

As with most things, Microsoft has earned a prominent standing in many web conferencing reviews. You can host presentations, provide training, and do interactive presentations as well. The platform also integrates with other Microsoft applications, and puts a premium on security and reliability. All-in-all, Live Meeting is a typical Microsoft product with everything you would expect out of the largest personal software manufacturer in the world.

Web Conferencing Reviews: the Final Word

The best web conferencing reviews will offer a balanced presentation of all three web conferencing platforms, yet there is a clear winner when you perform your own evaluation. Elluminate Live is a great option for those who are conducting training sessions and other learning meetings through their web conferencing software.

The IBM option is ideal for large web meetings with geographically disbursed participants who engage in web meetings on a frequent basis. As far as web conferencing reviews are concerned, Microsoft’s option is best suited in environments where users are accustomed to the Microsoft interface and are infrequent web conference participants.

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