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Last week, announced their plan to roll out their free web conferencing platform officially, ending the beta testing period. Our review covers the basics of the service, but we also did a test run of the PRO features prior to launch. is definitely an easy solution to use, and the controls are intuitive and simple to figure out. Just enter your meeting information on the right, click save, and you have a meeting scheduled. Inviting people to the meeting is just as easy, and you can set them up from Microsoft Office, Google Calendar, and other calendar clients as well.



Adding documents to the meeting in order to share with attendees only requires dragging it into the “Materials” area, and you can invite people easily using the “Invite” button at the top left. Any attendees do need to register with, but it’s not really an account that you need to keep track of since doesn’t require that you have a password; they just email you a link to enter the meeting every time you create a new one.

Using Skype integration, you can talk to the people attending your meeting, and anyone can view the materials you’ve uploaded within the interface by just clicking on the document name. In the comments section, you can attach your thoughts to specific document; and the notes field allows you to add a comment that’s visible to the whole meeting. is going to have a hard time competing with sites like Anymeeting, however. Video conferencing and screen sharing is not available as of yet, and you need Skype in order to talk to people in the meeting. I also experienced an issue with loading times, sometimes having to wait more than a minute for something to load; but they said their tech team would take care of it, so hopefully that gets resolved before they see a huge influx of users. Overall, though, I found it extremely easy to figure out. I also noted that HD video conferencing is upcoming, so hopefully that includes screen sharing as well.

It definitely covers the basics of web conferencing, and the basic service is free; but if you need more, you can upgrade to the PRO version and take advantage of unlimited attendees, Dropbox integration, branded meetings, multiple administrators, and more for $19/month or $190/year.

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