About is a new web-based cloud service that provides an effective way to organize meetings online. The barrier of entry to use the service is lowest on the market, since the basic usage of the service is free and participants do not need to remember the address of the web page, passwords or install any additional software. Meeting participants log in to the service conveniently via email or calendar invitation sent by the organizer. In addition to the free version, PRO is also available for professional use. PRO version is based on a monthly subscription.

What Can Do can be used for setting up, organizing and holding meetings beyond organizational and geographical boundaries. It is designed to be fast, integrated and easy to use in order to save a significant amount of time that organizing meetings usually take. Thus, is an excellent way to improve your meetings.

Related Web-Based Meeting Services challenges existing online collaboration solutions and meeting software with its simplified and integrated approach.

Product Key Features

  • No passwords
  • Unlimited number of meetings
  • Edit agenda and upload material
  • Share notes and comments
  • Suggest dates to participants
  • Updates through email
  • Calendar integration
  • Skype conference calls
  • Meeting analytics
  • Secured login

PRO Version Key Features

  • Unlimited number of meeting participants
  • Secured meeting connection
  • Branded meetings
  • Dropbox integration
  • Multiple meeting administrators

How Works offer many technology features and simple user interface that make using the service easy. Basic features are passwordless login, superb email integration, and no installation. Furthermore, PRO version provides additional features such as customer-specific branding, more configuration options, improved security, and integrations to back-end systems.

Bottom Line provides a faster and easier way to organize meetings online. The aim of the service is to revolutionize traditional meeting culture, where a considerable amount of time is spent on finding a suitable time, travelling, emailing, and distributing material among the participants.