Comparing the Top 7 Best Web Conferencing Software

The best web conferencing software uses browsers, servers, specific software and other equipment to connect home based workers with businesses. This has been a huge improvement over old face to face methods. There is a wide variety of providers to choose from when looking into the software, and oftentimes users should look at some of the WebEx competitors to find the best solution for them. Making sure that you review the strengths and weaknesses of each company will be the key to making the best choice possible for your company. After reviewing the top seven best web conferencing software providers, hopefully you will have more of an understanding as to what direction you would like to take with your purchases.

1) WebEx MeetMeNow Software

Number one on the list of the best web conferencing software is MeetMeNow by WebEx. This is noted for being very user friendly with simple installation and meeting setup qualities. Their software seems to cater to individual needs of the small to medium sized businesses as well as large companies and enterprises. The price is very reasonable for all of the benefits that you receive.

2) Citrix GoToMeeting Software

Number two on the list of the best web conferencing software is GoToMeeting by Citrix. Citrix allows you to try their software free for fourteen days before deciding if this is the right fit for your company. This is a huge asset to take advantage of before you spend any money out of pocket. They offer a great deal of features and are noted for being user friendly, effortless and priced right. Monthly plans of $49.00 or annual plans of $468 are available.

3) Microsoft Office Live Meeting Software

Number three on the list of the best web conferencing software is Microsoft Office Live Meeting. It is said that they have a number of convenient features and a great range of system requirements. Even though it is quite easy to use and set up a meeting, some business owners may think that it will be difficult because of all of the features; this is not the case at all. The price of the software is on a per use basis so you are not paying for the times when you’re not utilizing it. The good thing is that meetings can be scheduled at any time of day so they do not interfere with the business day routines.

4) WiredRed e/pop Web Conferencing Software

Number four on the list of the best web conferencing software is e/pop Web Conferencing by WiredRed. The high quality of Power Point, documents, desktops and applications sets this software apart from the rest. Audio and video conferencing is available for quicker access to meetings with a full line of features. Installation takes less than five minutes and the system is very user friendly. Hosted plans have a monthly fee of $350 to $900 and the installable software with licensing is $3,000 to $9,600 on average.

5): Acrobat Connect Professional Software

Number five on the list of the best web conferencing software is Connect Professional by Acrobat. They offer many different features to accommodate a wide range of operating systems. A high level of security is offered with each feature so that is never an issue. The ability to customize and elevate their functions is one of the high points to this software.

6) PGi Netspoke Web Conferencing Software

Number six on the list of the best web conferencing software is PGi Netspoke. Effective visual presentations, audience involvement and feedback are some of the great things customers have to say about this software. Anything from small meetings to large debates can be handled with ease and efficiency.

7) MegaMeeting

Finally, number seven on the list of the best web conferencing software is MegaMeeting. Any size of business can benefit from their software. Prices are fair and unlimited meetings are available. Document sharing, presentations and customer collaboration are just a few things that can be done with their product.

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