5 Web Conferencing Options to Choose From

When trying to determine the best web conferencing software for your organization, you actually have quite a few to choose from. How do you determine what the best web conferencing for your company is? Match the solution’s offerings against your needs and budget to make the best choice. Here are five to get you started.

MyMeeting123 Web Conferencing

To find web conferencing software, look for a solution that offers multiple plans so you can truly meet your needs. MyMeeting123 is a great option in that it offers a 14-day money back guarantee . Features in this solution include file sharing, recording, whiteboards, scheduling, annotation tools, privacy controls, desktop sharing and so much more. The cost is relatively inexpensive and you can try it out to determine whether or not it is the right web conferencing software without making a commitment.

GoToMeeting Web Conferencing

This web conferencing collaboration portal from GoToMeeting allows you to provide presentations, online training, demonstrations, document collaboration and more, all in real-time. All capabilities from this web conferencing provider are available for a flat rate. The cost is a little more than other options, yet the capabilities, quality and features tend to warrant the price. If cost is a primary deciding factor for you, this may not be the best web conferencing software for your needs.

Fuze Meeting Web Conferencing

Fuze Meeting offers online HD meetings that are easy to launch and easy to run. There is no lag time between the presenter and the viewer as Fuze Meeting offers a patent-pending synchronization. You can also enjoy its business-grade IM to easily sync your contacts to streamline conference launches. Fuze Meeting has also extended its applications to smartphones and tablet devices to extend its reach in the market.

MegaMeeting Web Conferencing Software

One of the things that makes MegaMeeting one of the best web conferencing software solutions available is the fact that it is completely browser based and does not require you to download anything to make it work. It offers online conferencing, VoIP audio, text chat, and the elimination of long-term contracts. You can select from four different packages to suit your needs and in some cases, the amount of attendees is unlimited. The cost can be substantial when you need extensive capabilities, so MegaMeeting really is the best web conferencing software for larger companies.

Microsoft Office Live Meeting Web Conferencing

Not everyone will immediately think Microsoft Office Live Meeting when thinking about the best web conferencing software, but if yours is a small company and you need real-time meeting space that is hosted on your server, this is a great option. It integrates well into Microsoft environments and the cost is very low. For basic needs, Microsoft Office Live Meeting is a decent web conferencing option.

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