Understanding what Free Webinar Tools are available in the market today

Few people know how many different webinar tools are available to someone wanting to do online meetings.  If you are thinking about using the best webinar software for online meetings to increase productivity and decrease costs, here are some names that you should know.

Yugma offers both paid and free webinar tools. Their free webinar tools allow for up to two attendees with 15 minute time limits on the web meetings. Yugma free webinar tools provide tools for desktop sharing and are ideal for webinars, sales presentations, online training, elearning, meetings, and more.

Banckle is an up and coming unified communications provider and their free webinar tools include everything from live chat, online meetings, feedback capture, group chat, email server, remote access, file sharing, and document management. Banckle offers their free webinar tools for up to a year, and then require users to pay by subscription.

Vyew is another provider of free webinar tools. Their web meeting product uses one of the simplest interfaces and can seat up to 10 users free of charge.  Notable features include whiteboarding, VoiP, screen sharing, and video conferencing. The powerful feature set is what makes Vyew a satandout among free webinar tools.

As the name implies, they offer free webinar tools.  Like anything free you find on the internet, it is Ad based, so that could be a concern.  However, their webinar tools offer free support and the ability to have surveys to measure your effectiveness.

Though their webinar tools are not available for live online meetings, they do allow you to post meeting information and let others take it in on-demand.  You can easily track what each attendee does with your information.

Fuze Meeting:
Fuze webinar tools have quickly become one of the more popular webinar tools for mobile user. Their webinar tools are available for iPad web conferencing, as well as other mobile devices.  With Fuze Meeting’s webinar tools you do not need to schedule in advance, and you can conduct web meetings anytime, anywhere.You can even take a picture and instantly share it.  Finally, they will call your attendee list to get any stragglers to the meeting.

Zoho Meeting:
Zoho meeting is another powerful player in the free webinar tools market. Their web conferencing software offers free one on one meetings that are ideal for remote support, web conferencing, and more.

This is just a small sampling of some of the free webinar tools.  There are many to choose from, and one of them will fit the needs of your company.  Take the time to do a webinar software comparison, and once you are ready, whichever webinar tool you choose will help your company improve the bottom line.

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