Free Web Conferencing: Yugma vs. Anymeeting

A growing majority of organizations are moving away from face-to-face traditional meetings and seminars and instead more and more are choosing to take advantage of free web conferencing. The best webinar providers allow you to not only stay in town, but even at your desk, in your office. These virtual meetings provide the live interactions and information exchanges which are vital, but without the inconvenience and expense of actually needing to travel to make them happen.

Convenience usually comes with a hefty price tag. Certainly there are a myriad of big name vendors of best web conferencing software that come with a matching big price point. Nevertheless, there are free options available as well. Yugma and Anymeeting are just two, and they demonstrate the range of service that free will “buy.”

Comparing Yugma and Anymeeting’s Free Web Conferencing Software

Both Yugma and Anymeeting will provide you with truly free web conferencing solutions. Beyond that, they share many core features important to a successful online meeting. To begin with, Yugma and Anymeeting are both compatible with Windows and Mac computers (though some Yugma free features are available to Linux users as well) and both companies provide VoIP audio broadcasting and screen sharing for hosts and attendees. Also, both providers allow hosts to utilize text chat to address private questions or comments from conference attendees. Whether you choose Yugma or Anymeeting’s free web conferencing, both services allow you to record your online meeting for future viewing.

Contrasting Yugma and Anymeeting

While they share some core functionalities, there are substantive differences between the two free web conferencing providers. Yugma free web conferencing users are permitted only a limited number of attendees–two in fact–and there is a further limit on time and the number of conferences per day: 15 minutes for web conferences. Pretty limiting among web conferencing providers.

By contrast, Anymeeting free web conferencing allows users to host as many meetings as you like with zero time limitations. While Yugma permits only two attendees, Anymeeting permits hosts to invite up to 200.

How Well Supported is Free Web Conferencing?

Assuming that consumers of free web conferencing are likely to be relative novices, the question of support level is worth your consideration. Yugma free web conferencing provides an online forum where Yugma users can talk with and troubleshoot with one another and with Yugma employees. They also provide a FAQ database where users can find archived support information.

Most users would find that Anymeeting free web conferencing support is a bit more robust. The company provides 30 minute training webinars scheduled weekly where hosts can gain useful tips for making the best presentations, as well as access web conferencing experts for live interaction. For those who cannot participate in the webinar in real-time, video is available on-demand at their convenience. Anymeeting also provides a Knowledge Base accessible through a search box and if further support is required there is a ticket-driven remote support center.

Show Me the Features for These Free Web Conferencing Options

Both companies offer free web conferencing, so price isn’t what sets one apart from the other. In terms of being able to conduct online interactions, both provide an adequate platform, though Yugma’s free version is seriously constrained. It is in Anymeeting’s features that Yugma falls short. Just a few of the things included in Anymeeting’s free web conferencing are: reports which tell you who attended, a log of chat texts for you to review, and polling.

Anymeeting works in conjunction with PayPal also, so if you choose, you can charge admission to your webinar, and it supersedes Yugma in terms of marketing on all sides. With Anymeeting you can display your company logo in your meeting, on registrations, and even on surveys. There are even automatic social media integrations to help you promote your online meetings through Twitter and Facebook.

In a Yugma vs Anymeeting throwdown, Anymeeting walks away with the prize.

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