Yugma Review

Yugma is a leading provider of SaaS web conferencing solutions. Yugma holds a diverse customer base with customers coming from a number of different industries and from company sizes ranging from one to thousands of employees. Yugma’s web conferencing solutions have been used in many different ways including webinar hosting, product demonstrations, training sessions, and more!

Yugma’s headquarters are based in Minneapolis, but also has offices in the Silicon Valley and New Delhi, India.

Ease of Use:
It’s quick and easy to get started with Yugma. You can get started on Yugma in minutes! All you need to do is create an account and download the application. Then, install the application and start inviting attendees to your web conference.

Yugma is very easy to use. Its scalable technology makes hosting a 500 person attendee conference as simple as hosting a 1-to-1 conference. Just run the application and start inviting attendees via phone, e-mail, or instant message. Its flexibility and ease of use enables users who are unfamiliar with web conferencing software to quickly join and participate in your web conference.

Demos are also available on a daily basis to assist users who are just getting started on Yugma. Comprehensive guides can also be found on Yugma’s website to assist new users who are having trouble.?

Yugma offers a comprehensive set of features to provide a much more enjoyable web conferencing experience for you and your attendees. Yugma features include:
• Desktop Sharing
• Chatting Features
• Widget Customization
• Skype Integration
• Annotation Tools
• Meeting Recording & Playback
• Application Sharing

Yugma Free also offers the same features as Yugma Pro for a limited 15 day trial. After 15 days, users have the option of upgrading to the Pro version or reverting back to the free version.

Speed and Reliability:
Server reliability and security are important aspects to consider as clients want stable servers when hosting sales presentations for prospective clients or when conducting important business meetings.

Yugma understands the importance of server stability and understands the need for clients to be constantly updated on any service outages or problems going on with the Yugma server. Yugma provides a real-time status update of their web conferencing servers on their website, informing users of any problems they may potentially arise. However, Yugma does its best to ensure its servers are up and running at all times of the day.

In addition, security is the highest priority for Yugma. Yugma understands that a lot of confidential information is transmitted via these web conferences and has taken a number of steps to secure their servers. With multiple layers of protection, Yugma ensures that its servers are among the safest in the industry. With Yugma, security is a priority, and they have taken the steps to ensure that your sensitive information is not compromised and your data is secured.

Yugma offers both Free and Pay versions of its popular web conferencing solution.

Yugma Free provides users free access to its web conferencing solution and also provides limited 15-day access to many features only available in Yugma Pro.

Yugma Pro is available in both monthly and annual subscription packages. All packages of Yugma Pro share the same features. Pricing varies with the amount of attendees you are capable of hosting. Pricing ranges from $14.95 to $179.95 per month and is also available in annual subscription packages that range from $149.50 to $1799.50 per year.

Support is mainly handled through an online forum where all Yugma users can interact with one another and with Yugma Staff members. Yugma also provides a comprehensive FAQ Database as well as a number of guides to help users get started.

Yugma Pro users have more support options in addition to the ones above. Yugma Pro customers can also contact Yugma via email or phone in order to secure quicker and more personalized support.

Yugma’s simple design and flexible architecture makes it suited for a variety of different uses across a number of different industries. With a number of different subscriptions plans, Yugma offers the flexibility to meet your budget needs. Consider Yugma for a much more cost effective and environmentally friendly way of conducting your business meetings.