Use the Best Web Conferencing to Connect Your Virtual Team

Withincreasing globalization, virtual meetings are becoming an important component in business operations. In fact, some companies operate purely through virtual means using some of the best web conferencing technology available. The traditional business structure of the 20th century is fast becoming an anachronism, with rapidly advancing technology and the changing nature of communications. It has […]


Adobe Connect Web Conferencing: Is It For You?

There are many choices around for web conferencing software. All of them vie for the title of the best web conferencing software, but one program takes the cake as the best web conferencing provider. The program is Adobe Connect Web Conferencing. Known around the world for their high quality products that keep document and spreadsheets […]


Online Collaboration Tools – The Best Way to Stalk Your Co-Workers

To avoid some uncomfortable conversations with your HR department, you may not want to actually try and stalk your co-workers with online collaboration tools, but it almost feels like the same thing when you really leverage all they have to offer. After all, you not only can share documents, but you can also see their […]


Pros and Cons of Online Training: Part 2

Online training: the concept is gaining more and more attention in the market everyday as companies are striving to streamline their approach to development and reduce the costs associated with running the business. The same motivation is helping to drive the demand for hosted solutions and online training can be delivered both as an on-premise […]


Collaborating with Online Meetings

Online meetings were once only in the thoughts of science fiction writers, but now they are an everyday occurrence.  No matter the industry, no matter the size of your company, and no matter the economic situation, online meetings can significantly impact your bottom line.  Nearly everyone is collaborating in one form or another, and now […]


Conduct Online Meetings with Adobe Connect

Your company is probably already familiar with the popular Adobe software; however Adobe just got better with Adobe Connect web conferencing. Adobe Connect will allow your company to conduct online meetings within minutes and allow you the flexibility to never leave your desk. One of the great new things about Adobe Connect is it’s capability […]


2010 Predictions for Video Conferencing

This month, Avistar Communications released their video conferencing predictions for 2010, and we’re going to take a look at them here. Given the hullabaloo about “Enterprise 2.0” this year, it is highly likely that social networking integrations will become even more popular in the video conferencing sphere. Avistar projects that within the next two years, […]


How Much Can my Company Save by Training Online?

Most companies do require some level of training. The most common is the beginning employee initiation, which acquaints the new hire with company policies and procedures; training also serves to acquaint staff with internal productivity applications and technologies. Departmental training may also educate staff in areas such as customer service or sales techniques. Externally, online […]


How to Market your Online Training Class

Online training classes, Webinars, and tutorials make an excellent way to promote a product or service, gain new customers, and educate existing ones. Internally, online training classes are often used to disseminate information about company policies, welcome new employees, and train staff on how to use internal applications. Whether your online class is for internal […]


Top Four Best Practices for Teaching Online

Teaching online, though similar in many ways to a physical classroom, is still a new and unfamiliar space and needs some specific practices to evolve into a rewarding experience for both teacher and student. Teaching online courses has become common not only in corporate instruction, but also in generic training courses and even in mainstream […]