How Effective is Online Training?

There are many ways technology has impacted our lives for the better, and one of these developments is effective online training. It has become an option for many people, who were earlier deprived of the advantage of education and scheduled learning. Effective online training can be in any sphere, ranging from fitness, to formal, accredited […]


Pros and Cons of Online Training: Part 1

With the advent of the Internet and progress of technology, online training has become a preferred option for many people, who would otherwise not have had an opportunity to educate themselves. This training could be in any sphere, ranging from fitness, diet consultation to proper academic courses in various fields, or corporate education. Online training […]


Online Training 101

Online training has become a major industry, in the academic arena, for personal growth, and in the corporate world as well. The availability of online courseware has made a wider range of education possible for more people all over the world, making it possible for example, to bring education to remote villages where teachers are […]


Teamwork Without Travel – Virtual Meetings

In today’s world when budgets are tight and schedules even worse, virtual meeting solutions are needed to reduce costs without affecting productivity and profits. Cutting edge virtual meeting technology makes it possible to connect, communicate and build teams across nations and boundaries and using web conferencing platforms to hold virtual meetings is one of the quickest […]


Tips For Using Video & Web Conferencing To Train, Manage And Support Your Sales Team

If you have a large sales force, spread out over wide distances, or if you have a small staff in various locations, then video and web conferencing is an ideal way to train, manage and support your team. In case you are wondering what online conferencing has to do with managing and training a sales […]


Take Your Home Business Into The Fast Lane With Audio And Web Conferencing

Just because you are a work-at-home mom, does not mean you should ignore audio and web conferencing. For all you know, it’ll give your business a boost, as well as extra opportunities. Why don’t you try it? Starting a home business When friends and relatives keep praising your hand-crafted jewelry and placing orders from you, […]


Web Conferencing Is An Easy And Effective Way To Communicate With Employees

The Internet is a powerful tool, one which is becoming more and more a part of daily business life with every passing day. Now, with travel costs and challenges making on-site meetings less convenient and less ideal, the Internet is playing an important role in business communications. With the rise of web conferencing solutions and […]


Work At Home With Free Web Conferencing Solutions

When it is advertised as free, it should be free. It should not spring nasty surprises when you thought you’ve found a solution to your virtual conferencing. But what is free web conferencing solutions and how free is it? No Business Is Too Small For Free Web Conferencing Software If you think that web conferencing […]