Online Collaboration Tools – The Best Way to Stalk Your Co-Workers

To avoid some uncomfortable conversations with your HR department, you may not want to actually try and stalk your co-workers with online collaboration tools, but it almost feels like the same thing when you really leverage all they have to offer. After all, you not only can share documents, but you can also see their desktop on your own, access linked documents residing on their desktop and even make changes to documents they have open while they may not even be at their desk. It could sound a little creepy to use online collaboration tools this way, but this is actually exactly why they were developed. The idea, however, is not to stalk, but to drive collaboration for better decision making, faster time to market and easy problem solving.

Online Collaboration Tools Provide Speed

You know the old saying that time is money and in the corporate world, this is reality. You want to be able to provide your teams with the tools they need to get things done quickly to see results faster. Online collaboration tools such as online meetings can be a great tool, when used correctly. Advise your employees to avoid scheduling full-blown meetings that can drain the day. Instead, they can leverage options like Zipcast that allow participants to hop on and off meetings as needed. If you have a supervisor who needs to gather a team for a quick run-through of a presentation or a product lifecycle diagram, Zipcast ‘s online collaboration tools make it quick and easy. When your participants know that their time is respected, they are much more likely to be engaged with the online collaboration tools to drive results.

Thought Leaders Love Online Collaboration Tools

Have you ever wanted to be considered a thought leader in your field? What about within your company? Have you identified members on your team with the same desire who could benefit from online collaboration tools? Online collaboration tools are designed to enable standouts on your team to put their best foot forward in collaborative situations. Whether they are working within contemporaries in other divisions of the company, key account holders or even customers, online collaboration tools empower your thought leaders to put their best foot forward and invite idea sharing through easy-to-use tools. Innovative online collaboration tools make it easy for many to participate and when they feel their time is respected, they are much more likely to add value.

Build Intelligence with Online Collaboration Tools

Business intelligence has proven to be an important focus for companies today as they want to be market leaders. That leadership relies on their ability to capture and act upon information within their CRM package and other platforms. Online collaboration tools not only draw from the current platforms in place, but also provide your company with the opportunity to build out a knowledge base that can far exceed that of your nearest competitor, if you can leverage the contained information to your benefit. The only real limit you have to exploiting the opportunities within your online collaboration tools is your own imagination.

Remember that as the global market continues to expand and your company will need to grow and expand to meet demand, you will need online collaboration tools to sustain a healthy position. If you implement a robust solution now, your team will become accustomed to making it a priority so you can begin to reap the benefits.

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