Adobe Connect Web Conferencing: Is It For You?

There are many choices around for web conferencing software. All of them vie for the title of the best web conferencing software, but one program takes the cake as the best web conferencing provider. The program is Adobe Connect Web Conferencing. Known around the world for their high quality products that keep document and spreadsheets secure in .pdf form, and for the flash animation program that is employed by many websites and presentations.

Adobe Connect Web Conferencing: Adobe Connect

For starters, it is very simple to use. There are no downloads to get started, so you can deploy almost immediately. As mentioned above, it uses Adobe Connect Web Conferencing uses Flash Player. Almost 100% of computers with an Internet connection have Flash installed on their computers, and it is free to download on the off chance that your computer does need to get the program. Also, attendees can join conferences with one click.

Again, as long as you have the free Adobe programs installed on your computer (Flash and Acrobat Reader), which 95% plus of computers do already have, you are ready to go. Once you are in the conference, Adobe Connect Web Conferencing continues to have excellent features. Some of the standard items are screen sharing and recording capabilities. It also has a special set of training features that allow you to rapidly create content and training reports to track effectiveness of the training.

When doing a seminar, you have the ability to brand your conference and register attendees. Finally, it is a secure system and it is very reliable. Encrypted traffic and secured access help mitigate safer concerns inherent in web conferencing.

What Really Sets Adobe Connect Web Conferencing Apart

In reality, all of these things are more or less what you would expect out of a web conferencing provider. However, Adobe Connect Web Conferencing is able to set itself apart from the competition in a couple of ways.

First of all, it is visually stunning. Making use of Flash for the look of the conferences allows for things that other web conferencing providers simply cannot match. Second, the support that Adobe puts behind all of its products, including Adobe Connect Web Conferencing, is very impressive. From the basic frequently asked questions parts of their website, to the personalized forums, to the individualized training available, nobody has all the methods of support that Adobe has.

Finally, it is so easy and comfortable to use. Everyone that uses a computer on a regular basis is familiar with Adobe and with the programs that Adobe Connect Web Conferencing uses to produce the webinars. This comfort with the process is something that almost no other company can hope to match.

Adobe Connect Web Conferencing: Adobe as a Provider

One more thing that is great about Adobe Connect Web Conferencing is that you do not have to take anyone’s word for it. You can see for yourself the excellence with the program, risk free. There is a free trial available so you can take it for a test drive yourself. When you do, you will realize that there really is not a better quality web conferencing provider out there. It certainly is not the cheapest option available to you, but then again, you do get what you pay for in this case.

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