Who is the Best Web Conferencing Provider out There?

There are some very good web conferencing services available today but finding the best web conferencing provider can take some research. The provider you choose should allow you to hold meetings, attend meetings, give presentations, show demonstrations and more; and it should all be done in real time. Taking the time to do thorough research will prove to be worth your effort if you are able to find the best web conferencing provider for your company.

Infinite Conferencing was Named as the Best Web Conferencing Provider

One of the benefits to using Infinite Conferencing is the ability to customize your login page to fit your specific needs. Each web conferencing session has the ability to handle up to 1,000 people which is the largest number of people that any of the best web conferencing providers can handle.

Having the ability to pull in additional people at the last minute is another feature that Infinite Conferencing has available. This means that during your meeting, if you find you need input from another employee, you can add them to your conferencing session immediately without having to go through an entire set-up process. If you are the host of a conferencing session you will receive an email once the meeting is complete. This email will give you details such as who attended and how long they were there. This information will help you to schedule further meetings and budget for them accordingly.

InterCall was Ranked High in Best Web Conferencing Provider Research

InterCall was ranked high in best web conferencing provider research because of its ease of use and the ability to join web conferences without having to download any additional programs. For as little as $42, you receive all of the features that InterCall has to offer, such as their audio and teleconference features and their video and webcam features.

One of the benefits to using InterCall as your provider is having the ability to mute a line. If one of your meeting participants works in a factory or other loud environment, the background noise levels will show up on the hosts screen. If there is a significant amount of noise that is distracting, the host will have the ability to mute their line so the background noise does not interfere with the meeting.

There’s also a calendar feature available that will allow reminders to be sent to meeting participants before the scheduled time. These can be sent as soon as 15 minutes before each meeting is scheduled to start.

Netviewer Meet Came in on Top in the Best Web Conferencing Provider Search

Netviewer Meet is one of the easiest web conferencing services to use with personal settings that can be set up by the host according to their preferences. This includes things such as accessing support and editing contract information as well. The security of this best web conferencing provider is second to none. With 256 Bit AES encryption it is as secure as the systems used in financial industries and the Secret Service.

If you are hosting a web conference through Netviewer Meet you have different options available to you as to what other participants can see during the meeting. You have the ability to see everything from the screen that everyone else sees and who has web cams and who doesn’t. You’ll be able to conduct separate research on your computer and block the content if you do not wish to share that information with others. This is helpful when checking into financial accounts during a meeting so that the information does not get into the wrong hands.

The Best Web Conferencing Provider can be Found with Simple Research

Taking the time to research the providers available will show you exactly what features are out there that you feel would be the best match for your business. With different price points and different benefits, each of these best web conferencing providers have something to offer; taking the time to find the right one means making the best business decision available.

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