WebEx Webinar Tools Help Comcast Launch Marketing Campaign

Previously, Comcast had used live chats as a means to interact with customers at a more personal level, but Comcast wanted to improve web conferencing and increase client interaction by implementing webinar tools.

How Comcast Used WebEx Webinar Tools

In the summer of 2006, Comcast Cable’s NorthCentral division, a provider of cable, entertainment, and communications products and services, was ready to expand its customer communications to increase the awareness of PhotoShow Deluxe.

Heather Bell, Marketing a Strategy Manager for Comcast’s NorthCentral Division, described the webinar tools that the company was seeking. She said, “In addition to demonstrating the product, we wanted an easy way to train our customers. We needed a solution that provided visuals and sound.”

In the end, the Comcast division decided to work with WebEx Consulting Services because of their ability to assist throughout the entire implementation process. WebEx Consulting Services were able to help Comcast form a web marketing strategy that would use the best webinar tools including the WebEx Event Center.

WebEx transformed the way in which Comcast delivered its messages, and they are  constantly looking for ways to implement webinar tools to establish more personal relationships with their customers.

According to Sean Murphy, Assistant Marketing Strategy Manager, the implementation of WebEx webinar tools was more effective than other direct marketing practices. He said, “Our first WebEx Program taught us that online events are much more effective than direct marketing programs. Customers can hear our messaging in our live voice. As a result, customer retention and satisfaction rates for that program were higher than ever.”

The WebEx Event Center, has enabled Comcast to garner quick customer feedback regarding their products and services, and to capture customer information through preliminary questions and event Q&A sessions. According to Bell, “WebEx provides us with a simple and effective way to gather market research at every stage of the event.”

As a result of the successful event, Comcast has gone on to execute several WebEx programs that leveraged webinar tools to create a competitive advantage in their industry.


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