The Best Webinar Tools and How They Make Your Webinar Better

The best webinar tools offer you the ability to connect both your prospects and customers at the highest level. Webinars are beneficial because they combine the top resources, download and soft sell approaches to get you in the game. Verizon Small Business Web Conferencing, Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro, Microsoft Office Live Meeting, GoToWebinar and Cisco WebEx are some of the most obvious best webinar tools out there but you have other options.

Don’t Rule Out the Unknown as the Best Webinar Tools

The latest tools are striving to compete with the best webinar software. In order to accomplish this, newer technologies don’t require that you download any additional software or lengthy plug-ins. These particular webinar tools operate on a regular browser. Depending on what you are looking for and what you are willing to spend, there are some great options further down the list of the best webinar tools.

The Best Webinar Tools can Give you Some Great Options

If you are looking to host large webinars, GatherPlace would be a great alternative. Similar to GoToMeeting online meetings, GatherPlace gives you the ability to connect up to 2,000 users at a time, and for less cost. You can host your sessions from your Mac or Windows with free integration on your web site. VoIP comes at an additional cost but there is free voice conferencing with optional toll-free lines.

What Makes the Best Webinar Tools Work?

Dimdim, Tokbox and Brainshark are a few others creeping into the best webinar tools lineup. Up front, the best part about these options is the cost. These three in particular are completely free for up to 20 users for the lifetime of your contract. Most offer a trial membership and then a low cost contract following that. Brainshark, for instance, has unique capabilities. It offers webinar platform that can track. It’s more of a webinar on demand sort of option. Instead of a live web feed, users can simply tap into the network on their time to view the meeting.

Best Webinar Tools for Your Small Business

There are so many tools out there for you to maximize your webinar experience. According to many other small business owners, if you need more than 20 attendees or want to use a PowerPoint presentation then or will be reliable and effective. Another less known choice is a European competitor called Netviewer. For less than $40 a month, this could be among the best webinar tools not that well known. You can have all the features of the above stated webinar software, including desktop sharing and recording.

Now that you’ve decided on which of the best webinar tools you are going to use make sure you are ready for your first webinars. There are many things that can possibly go wrong. Based on an informal study of a webinar audience, 24% said they don’t like to read slides and another 22% said they dislike zero interaction. Keep these components in mind when preparing your webinars. Utilize some of the basic features in the best webinar tools. Polls and chat windows are included in all the best webinar providers‘ lists of benefits. These simple things keep your audience interacting with you.

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