What Types of Companies use Webinar Software?

There’s no limit to the kinds of companies that can benefit from webinar software, versus the time, trouble, cost and lost business opportunities that result from having to travel to attend in-person meetings.

What is Webinar Software?

Webinar software helps you conduct online meetings, which is typically a one-to-many, live presentation. Often used in an instructional setting or for delivery of information, rather than for collaborative meetings, webinar software solutions may have limited interaction as needed, although the focus is on one-way delivery of content. It may however, incorporate features that allow participants to offer feedback through polls and surveys, or participate in question-and-answer sessions with the host.

What can Webinar Software Do?

The best webinar providers are used increasingly in university courses, sometimes exclusively; but webinars have tremendous value in the corporate world as well. Webinar providers now offer extremely valuable tools for disseminating information, for training employees or customers, or for marketing. As such, webinar software can be valuable to a wide cross-section of companies.

Webinar software can also be used in-house with great success to train new personnel and get them acquainted with company policies and procedures, and also in training personnel on use of in-house technology. Companies that deliver technological products that require training to be delivered to customers may also make use of webinar software to impart this customer training.

In this regard, webinars have taken the place of classrooms for training, with an additional twist – they can be done anywhere, anytime.  The added value of training webinars are that while they may often be conducted live, they can also be recorded and stored for later use on an on-demand basis, so employees can access them when they have free time available, and repeated as often as an employee wishes, at the employee’s pace. Because webinar software is mostly a one-way delivery mechanism, the format naturally lends itself to recording for later re-use.

Before you can use webinar software, you’ll need to find webinar providers to choose from. The best way to do this is to conduct a webinar software comparison. Once you’ve looked at all of the available options, then you can choose the right software to implement in your business.

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