Select Webinar Providers Carefully!

Webinars are quickly becoming a main stream solution for business and educational use, as it is simple and efficient. Advanced technology has helped make webinars, a form of web conferencing, a good option for small-medium sized businesses today. Webinar providers design their software with the goal of increasing employee productivity and minimizing costs.

Keep in mind that there are several benefits to webinar software. This includes a more efficient method of customer training, which will in turn reduce the number of required employees; this will help businesses save unnecessary costs. Also keep in mind that through webinar providers’ software, customers will gain 24/7 support whenever and wherever they need it. Listed below are some popular webinar providers in today’s marketplace:

What to Look For in Webinar Providers

Effective coordination of hosting, surveys, charts, and bandwith are the most common criteria used when searching for webinar providers. When researching webinar providers, be sure to take your budget into consideration. Make sure that the webinar providers you are looking at provide cost effective pricing structures for their monthly fees, per seat, and per minute per user options. It is also good to keep an eye out for webinar providers that offer additional services to their packages; an example of an additional service is providing online chat options for individuals without voice services.

Major Webinar Providers

1) GoToWebinar: One of the best webinar providers in the industry, GoToWebinar provides unlimited webinars for one low rate. Using GoToWebinar as your webinar provider will allow you to target your audiences effectively and affordably; it will give you the ability to plan, present, record, and analyze an unlimited number of webinars with up to 1000 participants each. The additional features that GoToWebinar offers are: built-in VoIP and phone conferencing, free of charge. Get online and sign up for a 30 day free trial now!

2) SightSpeed: SightSpeed Inc. is another popular webinar provider in the industry. Unlike other webinar providers, SightSpeed Inc. has made sure video is a priority. This helped SightSpeed Inc. become an award-winning provider of the high quality, feature rich, and user-friendly Internet video communications services for both businesses and consumers. There are two branches of SightSpeed Inc.- SightSpeed Business and SightSpeed PLUS and Free- customized for professional and personal use respectively.

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