Streamlining with GoToMeeting Online Meetings

Thanks to the revolutionary GoTo platform, which includes GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, countless hours of travel for your company meetings is a thing of the past. Web conferencing platforms are easy to use you will forget that you are even holding online meetings and you will be able to focus your attention on the matters at hand. GoToMeeting online meetings are so user friendly you will be able to start conducting online meetings the second you start using it.

GoToMeeting Online Meetings – Making Web Conferencing Easier

Product demonstration is one thing that GoToMeeting online meetings are known for. You will be able to share your products with your potential clients while conducting online meetings. Slideshows and graphs are another function that GoToMeeting online meetings do really well. You can host your very own online meetings just as you would if the attendees were sitting in front of you.

If your online meetings require several presentations from different people, this will still be possible with the GoToMeeting online meetings. This feature makes GoToMeeting very unique because it allows you to “pass the leadership” as needed in each of your online meetings or training sessions.

Saving your online meetings or training sessions could be very beneficial to your company. Let’s say an employee is out sick and you are holding a training session, or you may need to reference past online meetings or verify that a training session has been completed; this will all be possible with GoToMeeting online meetings. You will be able to save your online meetings and play them back at your convenience.

GoToMeeting allows you to host highly secure online meetings. You will be able to choose which applications or information is shared with others when you use GoToMeeting online meetings. Another great benefit is that GoToMeeting online meetings are integrated with many of the more popular applications you may already have in place; such as Microsoft office or instant messenger programs.

When preparing your online meetings on GoToMeeting software there’s only one simple task you need to do to get started. You will send a phone number to everyone that you would like to include in your meeting and they will be able to dial it up and connect to your meeting. Everyone attending your online meetings will be able to speak in real time and there are no long distance charges for those customers who are located afar.

GoToMeeting Online Meetings – Give the Free Trial a Shot!

Giving GoToMeeting software a try is definitely worth your time. You can try this product risk free and see if it is something that’s right for your company. You will be given thirty days to try the applications to see if they’re right for you. Once you have decided that GoToMeeting online meetings are the right product for your online meetings, you can easily get started. Scheduling  online meetings and holding training sessions has never been as easy as it is with GoToMeeting.

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