Are Online Events the Next Best Thing to Trade Shows?

Online events are increasingly replacing physical trade shows because of their cost effectiveness and convenience. Trade shows can be a costly affair with different companies trying to put up the most attractive booth, and the competition can get fierce.

Online Events–the more practical option
Although physical trade shows still rule the business market, and virtual trade shows only comprise of 1% of all trade shows; the market for online events is picking up. According to a recent survey, more than 25% of trade shows are expected to go online by 2015. This is certainly a growing online market that cannot be neglected, and even if a company still focuses on physical trade shows, online events present an opportunity to expand their presence.

One of the best things about online events is the sheer simplicity and convenience that come with it. With a virtual trade show, you can avoid the hassles of physically assembling a booth. The simplest virtual trade show dedicates a page or section of pages, acting as a virtual booth for each individual exhibitor, accompanied by instant messaging for participants to communicate in real time.

Of course, just as is the case in a physical trade show, participants can go to great lengths to create an attractive and compelling presentation in their online events, full of flashy graphics, interactive components with real-time communication, and 3D views of products.

Cost effectiveness
Organizing a physical trade show involves investing a lot of funds. Beginning from the traveling of guests, hotel rooms, venue costs, to food bills–everything needs to be paid for.

Compare this with simple and realistic online events and you have it all easy and simple. A virtual trade show is as good as a physical one, and the best part is that it comes with all the features at low cost–booths, conferences, as well as extra information.

When you attend online events, you can actually view the show as you look through an exhibitor’s booth. Visitors can also talk to each other through VoIP (voice over internet protocol); and companies can comfortably email brochures or enable visitors to download them to their systems. Lead generation may be simpler in online events, as participants may be required to register ahead of time.

When is a physical trade show more convenient than Online Events?
Although the practicality and simplicity of virtual trade shows is something to look out for, there are certain products or industries that need to solely rely on physical trade shows.

For example, if a perfume company plans to organize online events, there is little that it can achieve, until somebody invents a computer interface that can transmit scents over the Internet. Similarly, vendors of items such as clothing and shoes also need a physical platform to showcase their latest products. Consumers prefer to touch and feel the clothes that they plan to buy. On the other hand, electronic and high technology companies are more comfortable organizing their events in a virtual environment.

Going green
Another great advantage of hosting virtual trade shows is the positive impact they leave on the environment.

Physical trade shows may never disappear; however online events are gaining preference for their smart tools and key highlights. A virtual trade show is a practical option, not just from a cost perspective; it also offers the advantages of a global audience all in one setting as well as permanency.

The best place to start for finding the right software for your online events is by doing a webinar software comparison. By comparing vendors you can find the best fit for your organization.

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