WebEx Competitors: Which Option Should You Choose?

If you are like a great number of decision makers in the global market, you have heard of WebEx as a viable collaboration tool. The challenge for you is that you may need to instead consider WebEx competitors simply because the cost is too great, you don’t need that many features or you simply want to consider other plays to be sure you selected the right option for your business. It is, therefore, a great idea to consider WebEx competitors and everything they can offer your organization.

WebEx Competitors: Yugma

More than just a fun name, as one of the many WebEx competitors, Yugma leverages the power of Skype to enable you to connect with partners, colleagues and customers throughout the world. This platform also offers desktop sharing, teleconferencing, meeting recording, file storage and more. Like other WebEx competitors, Yugma runs on Java and you can launch meetings with up to 20 participants for no cost at all. The Pro plans start at a very reasonable price and you have no app to install to launch your meetings. True, it does not offer the robust power of the WebEx platform, but as far as WebEx competitors are concerned, this one is worth checking out.

WebEx Competitors: Adobe Acrobat Connect Now

While this one of the WebEx competitors only offers 3 free participants, it still allows you to try the platform for free before making any kind of commitment. Over that amount and you will be paying per minute, which can get a little dicey when you are trying to determine if this is the best among WebEx competitors, so it’s probably not one of the best webinar software options out there. If you value the Adobe name, however, it may be one worth considering.

WebEx Competitors: DimDim?

It may surprise you to see DimDim on the list of potential WebEx competitors and it isn’t included for you to consider as a standalone option. Why? For one thing, Salesforce bought the platform and it is no longer available for additional accounts. Even current Dim Dim customers are struggling to figure out what they should do. You will want to keep this name in the back of your mind, however, as it is quite likely Salesforce will leverage its technology to be able to offer WebEx competitors something to fear in the market.

WebEx Competitors: Fuze Meeting

If you are examining WebEx competitors and not exactly sure what you want out of your solution, take a look at Fuze Meeting. While this platform offers some pretty powerful features that enable you to collaborate and drive effective web conferencing, the best part from this WebEx competitor is the smartphone and tablet integration. If you or your collaboration partners are on the go, this integration takes conferencing to a whole new level. You’re likely to see WebEx get there, but not at the affordable level Fuze Meeting offers.

Keep in mind when you are examining WebEx competitors that it will be difficult to compare apples to apples. Not all players in this field offer the same thing, so be sure you look at technology, cost, features and integration to know which of the WebEx competitors is right for you.

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