The Advantages of WebEx

Most companies have realized that online meetings and web collaboration are no longer an option, but a necessity.  With employees spread all over the world, businesses have begun implementing WebEx to keep everyone on the same page with regards to the goals of the company.  Keeping employees happy, engaged, and focused improves performance, and improves your bottom line.  The advantages of WebEx software have made it the most popular web conferencing solution today.

What are the advantages of WebEx?

Cisco is a pioneer in the IT world, and the advantages of WebEx can’t be denied.  WebEx has become a household name when people hear the word “webinar,” and this familiarity breeds confidence with anyone invited to a WebEx online meeting.  There are many advantages of WebEx, and with thousands of online meetings under its belt,  WebEx has a distinct advantage not many others can come close to.  One advantage of WebEx meetings is  the option for the audience to provide feedback.  They have taken this feedback to tailor their product to meet the specific needs of their customers.

Advantages of WebEx: The Features

More advantages of WebEx can be seen in its extensive list of available features.  Since it is software as a service (SaaS), you only need to subscribe to the service and have Internet access and you are ready to go.  With WebEx, no download is necessary, and your audience does not need to be a subscriber to watch and listen.  One of the distinct advantages of WebEx is it successfully combines the online viewing portion with the ability to teleconference easily and be connected to the webinar via your access code.  This lets the presenters know who is actually there during the presentation, without need for a time consuming roll call.

More features from WebEx include the ability to easily share documents, presentations, or applications.  You can also start from scratch and work on a project together.  Not only that, but with WebEx you can, with a simple click, allow someone else on the other side of the world the opportunity to present, either with their computer, or by taking remote control of your computer.  These advantages of WebEx even enable users to dictate control of their computer screen, allowing across the board access to facilitate any meeting need.

Another advantages of web conferencing with WebEx is the ability to access a recording of your meeting.  With WebEx, you will have your own site that only your company has access to.  This site stores the videos and allows you to review them or send them on to someone else for review or training.  They also realize that web conferencing is still a relatively new technology.  As such, not everyone is familiar with how it works.  No worries, WebEx has an extensive and free to use library of training articles for any subscriber to use at anytime.

Finally, WebEx is fully scalable.  You can be an organization of one trying to get information out to your customers, or you can be a billion dollar Multi-national Corporation and get the benefits.  The proprietary network Cisco uses to run WebEx is secure and reliable.  It truly is difficult to fully describe the advantages of WebEx; you just have to use it.

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