MeetingBurner Web Conferencing Service Enters Public Beta

MeetingBurner, an online meeting software startup, recently announced a public beta for its new web conferencing service which will compete with the established players of this industry–GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, and Cisco WebEx. The service will be free during the beta and available for groups up to 100. According to the company, the software is up […]


The Dept of Defense Bets on Adobe Connect

The Defense Information Systems Agency, an operating unit of the US Departement of Defense, today announced an expanded contract for Adobe Connect to enable troops, support units, and military leadership to collaborate more efficiently. Yes Adobe, a company most well known for its design applications and Flash web media technology, is military grade. To be […]


Sonexis Selected as Part of Shoretel Innovation Network

Sonexis Technology, a provider of enterprise premise based audio and Web conferencing platforms, announced recently that it has been selected by ShoreTel,, a provider of Unified Communication solutions and IP architecture, to be an Alliance member in the ShoreTel Innovation Network. Sonexis remarked in the press release that it was “proud to continue its relationship […]


Select Webinar Providers Carefully!

Webinars are quickly becoming a main stream solution for business and educational use, as it is simple and efficient. Advanced technology has helped make webinars, a form of web conferencing, a good option for small-medium sized businesses today. Webinar providers design their software with the goal of increasing employee productivity and minimizing costs. Keep in […]


Unified Communications: Breaking Down Global Barriers

The goal of unified communications is to make the world smaller for companies with a global employee network. The idea behind unified communications is to break down distance and time barriers so that people using different modes of communication, media, and devices can still communicate to anyone, from anywhere, at any given time. What Does […]


Not sure which Web Conferencing Software to Invest In? Read a Web Conferencing Review!

Web conferencing is an effective, affordable solution for companies interested in global expansion. Thanks to web conferencing, employees of global enterprises from all over the world can hold and participate in meetings, stage presentations, etc. A common question that companies face is: what kind of web conferencing software should they invest in? The best way […]


What to Look for When Purchasing Web Conferencing Software

We frequently hear people mention how technology is “making the world a smaller place” each day. Web conferencing takes this expression to a whole new level. A functional and cost-effective solution, web conferencing allows employees of global enterprises from all over the world to hold and participate in meetings, stage presentations, product demonstrations, and interact in real time. […]


Sonexis Earns Membership in Avaya DevConnect Program for Web Conferencing

Sonexis Technology, Inc. recently announced they have been selected by Avaya Inc. for membership in the Avaya DevConnect program focusing on their flagship small to medium enterprise solution, Avaya IP Office. Sonexis Technology, Inc. is a provider of on-premise audio and web conferencing platforms and is a Gold member of the Avaya DevConnect program. The […]


Independent Evaluation Finds iPad Web Conferencing Leading Mobile Devices

The Apple iPad is becoming increasing popular as it continues to move to new heights. Customers are looking for high quality Web conferencing capability both in the office and also on the go and the iPad is their touch device of choice. The iPad is the only touch device to support full-fledged Web conferencing functionality […]


Boeing Leverages Web Conferencing Solutions from WebEx to Drive Global Collaboration

Cisco recently announced that Boeing Co. has renewed its agreement for the use of their WebEx suite of online meetings solutions. Boeing Co. is known as the world’s largest aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft. The company is the largest user of WebEx web conferencing solutions other than Cisco […]