Remote Support Software:Secrets to Providing a Premium Customer Experience Online

Providing an excellent customer experience at every phase of the customer interaction cycle delivers positive and measurable results in terms of ROI, by encouraging repeat business, and creating valuable references for new sales. You can extend the value of CRM software by implementing web conferencing platforms or remote support software. With these software additions, you can dramatically enhance customer-facing interactions that not only serve the customer, but your enterprise as well.

The positive customer experience starts with the personal interaction, and ends with the technology. This experience is enhanced with remote support software. First, the technician can be trained in customer interaction, and how to use the remote support software to better engage the customer and illustrate the process that is being executed. When the remote support software needs to be launched, the tech must be able to explain the process to the customer, reassure them that it is safe and secure, and finally, ask permission to launch the remote session.

Technology such as remote support software deliver a high-end customer experience in several ways, both directly and indirectly. First and foremost, it saves frustration. Anybody who has ever attempted to “talk through” a complicated procedure over the phone will understand. When a customer requires technical support, and action must be taken on the customer’s PC for example, it is more efficient to allow the tech rep to take direct control over the PC and execute the changes directly, rather than attempting to talk the customer through the procedure. Remote support software will help to minimize error as a result. During the process, the remote support software can also be used as a teaching tool whenever appropriate, and the customer will be able to see directly the steps that are being taken. The tech rep should explain the steps being taken, but instead of requiring the customer to execute them, the customer can instead watch as the rep does them directly through the remote support software. In some remote support software, there are even additional illustration tools that will allow the rep to draw circles or arrows on the remote system, to highlight an area of the screen or illustrate a point.

Providing that premium customer experience,  can also be done by incorporating easy connection procedures for the client. Some legacy remote support software requires the participant to download, install, and configure a “fat” client software component, which is time-consuming and sometimes complicated, thereby putting an unreasonable burden on the client. Instead, deploy a remote support software that employs a “skinny” client or an interface that can be accessed directly from a web browser.

The remote support software can also deliver a good customer experience indirectly. The remote support software can capture the entire session, including all relevant data and information, which can be used for post-call analysis, and sent onto the engineering department if it is necessary to repair a flaw and create a patch. This feature of remote support software allows for a more efficient product cycle, which ultimately delivers the client a more error-free product and a faster patch cycle.

The best way to find the best remote support software is to read remote support software reviews. Checking out reviews can help you narrow down your choices, and navigate through the ocean that is remote support software.

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