ConferencePlus Review: Web Conferencing for all Industries

After nearly two decades of providing web conferencing services, ConferencePlus believes it has the best webinar tools to improve your business processes and increase productivity. In this ConferencePlus review, you’ll see what it does and who uses it.

ConferencePlus Review of System Requirements

ConferencePlus requires your system to be JavaScript enabled and updated with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. FireFox and Chrome are the supported browsers, and hosts must use a Windows operating system with 16-bit color depth. You can invite participants to your meeting three ways: by audience invitation, account dashboard, or through the meeting center, as well as schedule an online meeting through your Outlook calendar.

ConferencePlus Review: Feature Rich Solution

Our ConferencePlus review shows the integrated audio features in a toll-free based fashion with dial-in numbers at no extra cost. The toll-free, high-quality audio conferencing solutions are provided starting at 5.9 cents per minute. ConferencePlus Online allows between 75 and 150 participants, depending on the plan you choose. The lecture mode option allows you the pick and choose which participants to mute. In your control panel you’ll see the option to start and stop recording the meeting and an e-mail will alert you when the recording is ready in your content library in WMV format (audio is in MP3 format).

ConferencePlus Review of Fees, Attractions, and Drawbacks

Monthly fees for ConferencePlus Online Meeting start at $29 per month, and the standard offering is up to 75 participants per meeting. Though the cost is an attractive feature, Mac users can’t host or attend meetings because the Mac OS isn’t supported. Tablet devices are supported, but not Apple’s iPad since it doesn’t run Adobe Flash.

Another drawback for those who want to host meetings with a large audience is that meetings max-out at 150 participants. Users who want to use their smartphones to participate also lose out with this software; it’s not currently supported.

ConferencePlus Review of Industry Specific Offerings

In a ConferencePlus review of what industry specific solutions are offered, you’ll see that Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, legal, investor relations, sales, training and education industries all benefit from the service. Healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals are able to conduct web-based clinical trials, new indication and drug updates, advisory board meetings, and medical sales staff meetings and training.

Legal conferencing services include secure video conferencing software, both for attended and unattended conferences. Conference transcription and translation is also a perk that legal professionals utilize in ConferencePlus. Our ConferencePlus review also shows that its training and education services allow you to present visual and text concepts from a variety of file types, use electronic whiteboard, and monitor attendance.

ConferencePlus Review: More Benefits

The ConferencePlus polling feature allows you to get feedback from attendees, and services directed at investor relations include a managed question and answer sequence, question routing to the appropriate person, and a high-level view of who’s on the call. ConferencePlus’s event manager provides online registration, gives you online control of your question and answer session, and gives a real-time view of who is participating and of polling results.

So, while our ConferencePlus review shows that it’s a useful solution for teaching, webinars, and training, the software doesn’t support the Mac OS, which shuts out that demographic. However, since the business world is still pretty much PC-based, ConferencePlus is definitely a workable option for most businesses that need a web conferencing solution.

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