Compare Webinar Software for the Best Online Presentation Possible

Webinar features are available in more than 31 flavors, from completely free to completely out of your price range. So as you compare webinar software, how do you decide which product is right for you and which will enable you to give your best possible online presentation?

To compare webinar software and find the best web conferencing solution should be easy. Keep it simple. Avoid products that require intense configurations and strict internet protocols. Even if the software is fabulous, if you and your attendees can’t figure it out, you won’t use it like you should.

Tips to use When you Compare Webinar Software

As you start to compare webinar software, you need to know what it is that you want to do and what you’ll need to accomplish that. You don’t want to pay for things you don’t need and you don’t want to scrimp on features which will positively impact your presentation. The capabilities of webinar software products vary substantially and the purpose of the presentations should drive the purchase of features.

Also keep in mind to whom you will be presenting as you compare webinar software. If you’ll be reaching out to customers or potential customers, by all means avoid software that will require attendees to perform software downloads and installations. If you’re purchasing software that provides video conferencing services, be certain that there are several servers to support the product. If the server is overloaded your webinar may experience frozen or pixilated images, which defeats the positive image you are trying to establish. After all, webinars are all about “more than words” communication.

Important Features as You Compare Webinar Software

Convenience is the webinar watchword. You should be able to host your webinar whenever it is convenient for you or your customers. Not all webinars will utilize video streaming features, but every webinar success depends upon excellent sound quality. When you compare webinar software, only choose products with user friendly VoIP (voice over the Internet protocol) to ensure the clearest audio.

Another “must ” when you compare webinar software are features such as slideshow and document sharing. Practically every webinar will employ slideshows as a component of the presentation. Using slideshows enables you to present important information so that it is easily viewable and understandable. After your webinar presentation, detailed documents and files may be downloaded by attendees. Document sharing in this way provides you with the added bonus of being able to track who accessed the documents and could measure interest levels.

Other Valuable Features to Look for as you Compare Webinar Software

Compare webinar software products to see which provide application integration such as chat and email. Attendees at the webinar may have questions during your presentation and chat text allows them to experience the interactivity you want to provide.

The next important feature you want to consider as you compare webinar software is recording. Recording your webinar allows the presenter to review his/her performance and becomes an excellent tool for improvement. Being able to record the webinar also allows you to archive and use it in the future. You might want to post the webinar on your website and have it available for either viewing or download. This is especially helpful for those who wanted to attend your webinar but, for one reason or another, could not attend the live version.

Finally, reporting is an important feature to look for when you compare webinar software. Who attended your webinar and how long did they stay are important questions. Having that information gives you concrete data on which you may evaluate your webinar content and the skill of the presenter. If the software provides polling or survey features, you will receive the information in report form along with being able to review the chat text log.

Compare Webinar Software to Know How Different Software Might Run

There are a few things to think about when you compare webinar software that might affect how it runs. A primary consideration is the minimum requirements for operating systems. Most will do fine with Windows and Mac and a few will run with Linux, but check to be sure that your OS (operating system) meets the minimum requirements. Again, just double check to be sure you have what the software requires.

Live webinars will likely use Flash media technology. Otherwise, firewalls, virus programs and pop-up blocks may also block your webinar performance. This is usually more of an issue with JavaScript driven software. Also, if you have dial-up customers, they may not be able to participate in any of the interactive features of your webinar. Believe it or not, there are still people out there who use dial-up services, so compare webinar software carefully.


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