Which iPad Web Conferencing Apps Provide the Best Experience?

The iPad can be a valuable tool for your web conferencing with its potential to solve nearly all of your mobility issues. If you’re just starting out, there are plenty of choices out there. The following options are very solid systems that can provide you with the latest in iPad web conferencing applications.

Mighty Meeting App for iPad Web Conferencing

Since there are many iPad web conferencing applications, it is best to review some of the top performers. Mighty Meeting may be new to the scene of web conferencing but is taking center stage because of its dedicated iPad app that enables a full screen for your web conferencing. The Mighty Meeting app gives mobility to any and all PowerPoint presentations while easily maneuvering through search engines and social networking sites. This particular app gives you the ability to store presentations and videos all in a cloud-based solution. You can then access those items via your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or web.

Fuze and WebEx iPad Web Conferencing Apps Top the List

Fuze also provides a quality app for your iPad web conferencing. This app has many of the same features as Mighty Meeting including high-resolution video conferencing but for free. Fuze can do pretty much anything the other guys can do on your iPad or your Mac and PC.

In WebEx’s iPad web conferencing app, you can fully participate in your meetings with streaming 2-way video features. With voice-activated software, the best web conferencing for the iPad will automatically showcase the current speaker; this gives a more personable approach to virtual meetings. You can also give other users the ability to join the web conference from behind a firewall with the use of Wi-Fi proxy support through WebEx.

Which iPad Web Conferencing Providers are Superior?

There’s quite a list of iPad web conferencing providers out there. If you are looking for a provider at a minimal fee you need to note that you may be required to have your own VoIP. Glance provides a reasonable option for most of what you may be looking for. This iPad web conferencing solution is simple yet fully capable of hanging with the bigger apps and all aspects of mobile meetings. BeamYourScreen and GotoMeeting online meetings are other comparable options that offer the popular screen-sharing tool and runs behind firewalls with basic dial-up connections.

Which iPad Web Conferencing Providers Fall Short?

Because iPad web conferencing technology is still making its mark, there are few current downfalls to the applications. Some consumer reviews showed that even the top iPad web conferencing apps don’t set up properly, are hard to install, and even harder to operate. Other options, like NetMeetings, have great features, but offer no upgrades past version 3.

Which iPad Web Conferencing Apps are best for Your Web Conferencing Needs?

Most iPad web conferencing apps are going to have what you’re looking for, but before you invest in some expensive provider, test the waters and ask yourself some questions. Look for a provider and application that will accommodate your business routine. If you have working relationships with several partners globally, that has to become a top priority.

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