A Web Conferencing Comparison: ClickMeeting vs. Intercall

There are a plethora of choices when choosing a web conferencing provider. These choices will inevitably lead you to do a web conferencing comparison. Most people have heard of the big name providers of web conferencing software, but the smaller companies remain in ambiguity because of the lack web conferencing software reviews floating around.  Two […]


Looking at Five Top Online Meeting Providers

In today’s business world it seems that online meetings have almost completely replaced the old fashioned face to face meetings. It seems to save time, money and resources which all business owners can appreciate. Online meetings take place via electronic channels which have become standard for a lot of companies. Top Online Meeting Tools Whiteboards, […]


Web Conferencing Reviews of Elluminate, Microsoft, and IBM

Some of the largest computer and software companies in the world have entered the web conferencing sphere. With costs to travel soaring, and the availability and reliability of Internet connections, it’s no surprise that many companies are using web conferencing software. Nearly everyone that knows anything about web conferencing reviews is aware of companies like […]


Don’t Settle for the Canned Web Meeting; Leverage Capabilities for Engaging Experiences

Do you normally hear groans among your employees when it is time for the latest web meeting? Perhaps you’re using stale material, or maybe the technology you have in place isn’t up-to-date enough for participants to use or listen to. Even worse, perhaps facilitators are launching a web meeting and forget to enable screen sharing […]


Web Conferencing Benefits Extend Travel Cost Elimination

You may firmly believe that the economic recession is behind you and that the recovery is in full swing, and while that very well might be the case, that doesn’t mean that your budgets have returned to pre-recessionary levels. In fact, organizations like yours throughout the world are tightening their purse strings just to prevent […]


Pros and Cons of Online Training: Part 2

Online training: the concept is gaining more and more attention in the market everyday as companies are striving to streamline their approach to development and reduce the costs associated with running the business. The same motivation is helping to drive the demand for hosted solutions and online training can be delivered both as an on-premise […]


iPad Web Conferencing – Mobile Interaction at its Best

The launch of the iPad appeared to change the way consumers communicate on a mobile platform. What some viewed as a potential fad has nearly caused the netbook to be obsolete and has truly changed the way users consume content. The introduction of the iPad 2 far surpassed the success of the first one, indicating […]


Increase Productivity and Decrease Cost with Webinar Technology

Collaboration takes advantage of the fact that multiple minds are greater than one.  As webinar technology has evolved collaboration has become more the rule instead of the exception.  From institutions of higher learning to doctors working across continents to companies getting their sales teams together, many people are working together no matter their physical proximity […]


The Advantages of WebEx

Most companies have realized that online meetings and web collaboration are no longer an option, but a necessity.  With employees spread all over the world, businesses have begun implementing WebEx to keep everyone on the same page with regards to the goals of the company.  Keeping employees happy, engaged, and focused improves performance, and improves […]


Leverage Effective Communications with Microsoft Live Meeting

How do you cost effectively communicate with a large group? Do you generally rent a conference hall, set up chairs and a podium and share everything on your agenda? Do you arrange to get 20 people on a phone call all at once to share the latest information you have on a product launch? Do […]