Leverage Effective Communications with Microsoft Live Meeting

How do you cost effectively communicate with a large group? Do you generally rent a conference hall, set up chairs and a podium and share everything on your agenda? Do you arrange to get 20 people on a phone call all at once to share the latest information you have on a product launch? Do you have a webinar session that can be observed by interested parties? Or, do you take advantage of Microsoft Live Meeting and interact with as many people as you need to in order to move forward?

The Microsoft Live Meeting Platform

Microsoft Live Meeting provides the perfect platform for you to cost effectively communicate with a large audience – or even a small one when necessary. You can easily connect with colleagues or engage customers with the real-time platform to conduct training sessions, meetings or launch events.

It also allows you to make collaboration a priority for all employees, while you have the power to get your message out according to your schedule, not your travel budget. Participants can easily communicate in real-time, or simply listen to what you have to say and present during the session.

Microsoft Live Meeting Makes You Global

Your global sales staff will find significant value in Microsoft Live Meeting. The solution integrates well into any environment, has a familiar user interface and an intuitive platform that is easy to use no matter what the role of the participant. The high quality interactions that can be driven with Microsoft Live Meeting ensure that your sales professionals can be comfortable using this portal to drive communications with key customers located throughout the world.

And, while Microsoft Live Meeting may not replace all face-to-face interactions for your sales staff, it is a robust solution to add to your arsenal of communications platform to make customer responsiveness a priority. At the same time, the Microsoft Live Meeting solution ensures you can keep your sales staff travel budget at a minimum, improving your profits margins overall.

Engage with More People Through Microsoft Live Meeting

If you need to take your web conferencing meetings to the next level and engage hundreds – or even one thousand – participants, Microsoft Live Meeting Pro allows you to accommodate up to 1,240 participants in one session. It’s a feature-rich service that provides you with the ability to publish documents to a server, embed videos in your presentations and share desktop applications for full interactive participation.

You and other Microsoft Live Meeting participants can also take advantage of the best webinar tools, such as multi-party video, active speaker video switching, markup tools, native video conferencing, high-fidelity recording, web cam capabilities and rich-media presentations. Live Meeting is designed to ensure you can make the most out of your web conferencing sessions.

Microsoft Live Meeting is available through a wide range of Microsoft partners who can help you determine what the best web conferencing software is for your environment and support the solution as you use it. While Live Meeting comes in many shapes and sizes, you need to make sure that you have receive an adequate amount of support from your Microsoft reseller, and you want to ensure you receive the right number of licenses for your web conferencing needs.

While not every meeting is effectively conducted through web conferencing solutions, the majority of your interactions can be done through Microsoft Live Meeting, allowing you to communicate and collaborate as necessary. Live Meeting can be tweaked according to your environment, but the end result will be effective communications leveraging next generation technologies.

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