2010 Predictions for Video Conferencing

This month, Avistar Communications released their video conferencing predictions for 2010, and we’re going to take a look at them here. Given the hullabaloo about “Enterprise 2.0” this year, it is highly likely that social networking integrations will become even more popular in the video conferencing sphere. Avistar projects that within the next two years, […]


Web Conferencing License Models

Licensing for web conferencing services as well as on-premises software has changed considerably, making it much more affordable for any size company. On the lowest end of the scale, several vendors are also offering scaled-down versions targeted at SOHO users and individual consumers. LotusLive from IBM, and ConnectNow from Adobe for example, are both available […]


Six Smart Online Web Conferencing Tactics for a Down Economy

In the economic downturn, many companies are facing financial difficulty, and even if they are not in immediate financial danger, still wish to cut costs wherever and whenever possible. This must be done in such a way however, that it does not negatively affect productivity and quality; and may even enhance both. One very effective […]


Top Four Best Practices for Teaching Online

Teaching online, though similar in many ways to a physical classroom, is still a new and unfamiliar space and needs some specific practices to evolve into a rewarding experience for both teacher and student. Teaching online courses has become common not only in corporate instruction, but also in generic training courses and even in mainstream […]


Pros and Cons of Online Training: Part 1

With the advent of the Internet and progress of technology, online training has become a preferred option for many people, who would otherwise not have had an opportunity to educate themselves. This training could be in any sphere, ranging from fitness, diet consultation to proper academic courses in various fields, or corporate education. Online training […]


What is Web Conferencing?

What is web conferencing? Web conferencing solutions are technologies that allow events that normally take place in the physical world to be done online – such as conducting a web meeting, present a web seminar, offer technical support by accessing remote  desktops, and many other uses across the enterprise. Here are the capabilities provided by […]


Go Green with Web Conferencing Programs

A car that gets 21.5 mpg creates 1.1 pounds of CO2 for every mile traveled. Combine that with a room full of people that have traveled miles to get to your conference and you can start to see why the automotive sector is the largest single contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Even if you fly […]


Web Conferencing and Your Start-up

Starting a business enterprise is never easy, and perhaps the most difficult aspect is getting control over your expenses. Working on a budget and waiting for the business to become profitable requires a long-term approach and careful planning. During the start-up phase, it is important to look at every aspect of business from the perspective […]


The Basics Of Video Conferencing

Modern technology convergence equips ordinary people with the basics to engage in video conferencing. Users can utilize the two most popular email and live chat providers Yahoo and MSN to set up simple video conferencing their softwares. People can call, talk and watch each other – regardless of location – and communicate in real time. […]


Are All Video Conferencing Services The Same?

When looking for video conferencing services, the first place to look is the Internet. Here you will find an extensive list of video service providers that will allow you to use video for your web conferences. Video conference calls are fast becoming the way companies, both large and small, interact with employees and clients in […]