A Web Conferencing Comparison: ClickMeeting vs. Intercall

There are a plethora of choices when choosing a web conferencing provider. These choices will inevitably lead you to do a web conferencing comparison. Most people have heard of the big name providers of web conferencing software, but the smaller companies remain in ambiguity because of the lack web conferencing software reviews floating around.  Two of these companies are Implix, with its software called ClickMeeting, and Intercall, with their self titled web conferencing software.

A Web Conferencing Comparison: ClickMeeting

Implix is a company that is dedicated to helping small businesses all around the globe. Their first product was an email marketing program (GetResponse). This product has been very successful and they have over 150,000 customers around the world. Building upon that desire to help small businesses, Implix created ClickMeeting. Launched in 2010, ClickMeeting is a new player on the web conferencing world, but it is quickly becoming a candidate you need to look at if you are doing a web conferencing comparison.

With travel costs being an issue, even as the world gets smaller, ClickMeeting can significantly help those cash strapped smaller businesses collaborate easier, and do everything else web conferencing software should do. Some of the features include two different functional options, ClickMeeting and ClickWebinar, depending on the size of your web conference. It has many of the same features that the biggest and most well known web conference programs have. You can do unlimited meetings for anywhere from 2 to 1000 people, with very little set up time. There is no installation required on any computer. Chat via text or voice is possible, as well as the sharing of desktops to enhance collaboration abilities. Customizable and controllable, it will do an excellent job of helping your company become more productive and eliminate travel costs.

A Web Conferencing Comparison: InterCall

Like its comparison mate, InterCall is not as well known as some web conferencing providers, but based on its sheer size, it deserves to be in the web conferencing comparison discussion. With over 400,000 customers, InterCall truly is one of the largest providers in the industry. They did not get that way by being overly expensive or too hard to use. In fact, ease of use is one of the key benefits to InterCall’s Web Meeting software. Almost anyone with any computer knowledge can quickly learn how to navigate the program and how to get people to work together. Set-up is quick and easy, and it ensures that all you need to do to have a meeting is to sign in from your desktop, no reservations required.

Add to that, seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, web meeting recording, and configurable meeting interface, and this is a very robust system. Another stand out feature of InterCall is their security. Multiple levels of encryption ensure your information is kept safe for you only. Like all systems, they have also tried to ensure reliability by using state-of-the-art infrastructure. Finally, support from InterCall is top notch. With technical support available to answer questions, a knowledge base that is accessible anytime, and free training available, it is hard to compete with all the support they offer.

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